Effective through December 31, 2022, a $3000 hiring bonus is being offered for CDL, “P” endorsed fixed route, and trolley operators as well for mechanics. Also effective through December 31, 2022, for those hired for our full inhouse CDL with a “P” endorsement training program and for those with a CDL hired for the “P” endorsement only training program, we are offering a $2000 retention bonus. Additionally, effective through December 31, 2022, for those hired in our paratransit (MATAplus) division with an “F” endorsed license, we are offering a $1000 hiring bonus. Previously employed fixed route or trolley operator applicants or mechanic applicants who are interested in reapplying for employment should check with your recruiter for bonus eligibility requirements and restrictions.


Transit Grants Coordinator Memphis, Tennessee

Customer Service

Call Center Agent Memphis, Tennessee
MATA On Demand Reservation Agent Memphis, Tennessee

Human Resources

Maintenance Trainer Memphis, Tennessee


Body and Chassis Repairman Memphis, Tennessee
Bus Foreman Memphis, Tennessee
Diesel Mechanic Memphis, Tennessee
Electronic Diagnostic Technician Memphis, Tennessee
Machinist Memphis, Tennessee
Maintenance Laborer Memphis, Tennessee
Stores Clerk Memphis, Tennessee

MATAplus Operations

MATAplus Operator Memphis, Tennessee


Fixed Route Operator Memphis, Tennessee


Administrative Compliance Program Coordinator Memphis, Tennessee

Trolley Operations

Trolley Laborer Memphis, Tennessee
Trolley Maintenance Manager Memphis, Tennessee
Trolley Operator Memphis, Tennessee

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