At Lifetouch Inc., our purpose is to help families make memories and share them with others. For more than 80 years, Lifetouch has been the professional photography company of choice for schools, preschools, churches and families.

Headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN, the enterprise is organized around four primary business units operating in local communities across North America. Built on the tradition of Picture Day, Lifetouch captures smiling faces from preschool through high school graduation, as well as sports, special events, seniors and yearbooks. Lifetouch Photographers also serve also serves customers in JCPenney Portraits and church communities. Lifetouch is also proud to be a part of the Shutterfly family of brands.

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Cory A., Photography

One of my favorite parts of my job is seeing all the fun memories captured all over the country through our themed studio events and holiday campaigns that I help develop. Knowing that I had a small part in helping tell their story or capturing that joy makes it easy to come into work every day.

Kristina Z., Photography

For the last 15 years, I've had the pleasure of saying that my job is to make children smile. I have the honor of capturing this one moment in time for thousands of children. There is no greater joy for me than hearing a parent tell me that I captured their child’s personality perfectly.

Ramla H., Information Technology

At Lifetouch, we capture and preserve memories; I think that’s priceless. I’m inspired to make technology decisions that will have a lasting impact on the customer experience. I’m not just a number, but an individual that the team and company genuinely cares about. It’s exciting to be part of an organization that is an integral part of people’s lives, from birth onwards.

Marcia B., Sales

I have worked for Lifetouch for 15 years. I enjoy my co-workers who are friendly and helpful. I’ve been able to take on new responsibilities and appreciate the opportunities I have had to learn new skills. During my time at Lifetouch, I have grown both personally and professionally. I am in a position where I can in turn help others grow and develop. It is rewarding to participate in that growth, and to know that, as a company, we are offering first-in-class programs and services.

Andrew P., Engineering

I have always been a part of Lifetouch, from my elementary school photos, through my college commencement ceremony, and now working here. It is an ever-evolving company, which means I get to be involved with new and exciting projects while working with great people and a fun company culture.

Robert Omae, Information Technology

I am enthusiastic about my job at Lifetouch because I get the opportunity to work with new and innovative technologies to solve business problems. I also enjoy working with my colleagues because we know each other’s strengths and work together to support the business.

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