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Office Coordinator Denver, Colorado

Business Development

Business Development Coordinator or Sr. Coordinator - Government Matters
7 Locations
Business Development Manager - Public Companies Team
4 Locations


Scientific Specialist
7 Locations

Finance & Accounting

Billing Analyst Washington, District of Columbia
Billing Analyst
2 Locations
Senior Staff Accountant-ATL Atlanta, Georgia
Senior Tax Accountant Atlanta, Georgia
Treasury Specialist Atlanta, Georgia

Human Resources

HRIS Analyst Atlanta, Georgia
Human Resources Manager Washington, District of Columbia
Recruiting Manager Atlanta, Georgia
Senior Payroll HRIS Analyst Atlanta, Georgia

Information Technology & Information Security

Product Specialist O365 Atlanta, Georgia
Senior Technical Analyst Miami, Florida
Sr. Database Administrator Atlanta, Georgia
Technical Analyst New York, New York

Legal Practice Support

Legal Practice Assistant Atlanta, Georgia
Legal Practice Assistant Los Angeles, California
Legal Practice Assistant New York, New York
Legal Practice Assistant Miami, Florida
Legal Practice Assistant San Francisco, California
Resource Center Coordinator
8 Locations
Resource Center Specialist New York, New York
Resource Center Specialist (3rd Shift)
8 Locations

Paralegal Services

Paralegal - Global Finance Atlanta, Georgia
Paralegal - Global Finance New York, New York
Paralegal - Litigation
2 Locations
Paralegal - Litigation New York, New York
Project Assistant - Trials & Global Disputes Austin, Texas


Recruiting Coordinator or Senior Recruiting Coordinator
2 Locations
Recruiting Coordinator or Senior Recruiting Coordinator New York, New York

Staff Attorneys

eDiscovery Attorney
3 Locations

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