Senior DevOps Lead

Engineering Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Position Details:

Senior DevOps Lead
Experience: 8+ years
Location: Ahmedabad/Pune


  • Design, Research, Lead, Mentor, and Architect solutions which will enable Delivery teams to accelerate their software delivery and lifecycle.
  • Engage with Solutions Development team and provide necessary inputs for RFP for new or existing clients.
  • Provide necessary thought leadership to Marketing Team for Case Studies and Blog.
  • Engage with multiple Delivery Teams and provide them necessary consultation/solution regarding their CI/CD and Cloud related queries/problems.
  • Cloud: AWS/GCP/Azure (Professional Certification would be great
  • Infrastructure-as-Code: CloudFormation/Terraform
  • Configuration Management: Ansible/Chef/Puppet
  • Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment principles
  • CI/CD Engines: Jenkins/Drone/Bamboo/GitLabCI/TravisCI/CircleCI
  • Detailed and thorough understanding of network protocols and concepts: HTTP, TCP, UDP, DNS, CIDR, TLS/SSL, Load Balancers
  • Container Orchestration Engines: Kubernetes/ECS
  • Logging and Monitoring: Grafana/Prometheus/DataDog/Newrelic/AppDynamics/Cloudwatch/GCP Operations
  • Operating Systems: Linux/Windows
  • Programming Languages: Python/Ruby/Go