Technical Lead

Engineering Pune, Maharashtra


The SQL Developer will be responsible for developing applications and integrations using the Microsoft SQL Server platform. This will include reports, vendor imports, data warehousing tasks and other data related tasks. This position requires good communication and technical skills.

Required Skills –

  1. Experience of 9+ years
  2. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and above server side development
  3. Knowledge of tools like Tableau and/or any other data visual tools
  4. T-SQL (Transact SQL) Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers
  5. Need to have good understanding of performance tuning
  6. Understanding .NET code/.net development experience is a plus




  1. Excellent design skills for coming up with the schema that can be usable across multiple customers
  2. Design and develop T-SQL procedures, query performance tunings and SSIS packages.
  3. Develop underlying data models and databases.
  4. Develop, manage and maintain data dictionary and or metadata.
  5. Ensure compliance of standards and conventions in developing programs.
  6. Design, develop and implement complete life cycle of data warehouses.
  7. Translate business requirements into software applications and models.
  8. Analyse and resolve complex issues without over sight from other people.
  9. Perform and execute data extraction, transformation and loading using ETL tools.
  10. Maintain and enhance the existing data warehouse, exports, and reports
  11. Perform quality checks on reports and exports to ensure exceptional quality
  12. Create and maintain documentation for all projects