Principal Architect

Engineering London, United Kingdom


About Us

We want to help small businesses win. That’s why we’re here.
We connect small business owners to investors – to create jobs, help families and power economies – because we believe that people are made to do more. And we want to help them.

So, we created the leading online marketplace for small business loans. Our investors have lent £8.1 billion in 110,000 loans to 77,000 small business owners. In a single year, we unlocked 115,000 jobs and contributed £6.5 billion to the global economy. There’s never been a better time to join!

Be part of the team that changes everything. Let’s build the place where small businesses can get the funding they need to win and leave a legacy behind, forever. 

This role sits within the “Tech” team. The drivers behind our platform – brilliant people working together to create, code, and build the next game changers. 

About the team

We understand that everyone in the Technology organisation, at every level, makes decisions that apply or change our architecture. Whenever and wherever these decisions are made, we must make them transparently, for the right reasons, and with the right information to hand.

To make sure that happens. we operate a lightweight architecture practice at the heart of the Technology organisation, with a mandate to: 

  • Define and operate the frameworks, processes and design guidance for making disciplined technology decisions
  • Establish the common standards, patterns and technologies that we use
  • Author, edit, and curate catalogues, models and documents describing our business and technology architecture and the systems that support it
  • Shape and influence the most important technology decisions we make
  • Advance the craft of architecture in the organisation
About the role

Working in a small team of architects, and alongside your peers such as Technology Directors, Principal Engineers, and senior executives, you will: 
  • Work with Technology teams to make and share architecturally significant decisions
  • Decide on and document the technical standards, design patterns, and technologies we use
  • Produce models and documents to help us understand, reason about, and plan changes to our architecture
  • Collaborate with senior stakeholders to understand and communicate our business strategies, and shape and influence the architecture to deliver them
  • Deliver talks and training to advance the architecture practice and advocate its guidance
About you

Even though you may have an engineering or other technology background, you are an architect first and foremost. In your current architecture role, you demonstrate skill, leadership and impact, and can point to the business outcomes you have helped deliver. 

In particular: 
  • You are fluent in the language of business as well as of technology, and can translate seamlessly between the two
  • You earn the trust and respect of executives and engineers alike
  • You know how to balance the need for design constraints against the need for design autonomy
  • You know how architecture and agile fit together
  • You understand that architecture is less about technology choices than it is about qualities, structures, patterns, models and abstractions
  • You have expert knowledge of different architecture patterns and styles, in particular event sourcing, data lake, microservices, stream processing, container and serverless architectures
  • You have broad knowledge and good experience of a range of Amazon Web Services, as well of open source technologies including Apache Kafka and Kubernetes
  • You have broad industry experience, but also specific experience in digital-first businesses like e-commerce platforms or FinTech
  • You read widely about technology and architecture, and can share ideas and experiences drawn from many different perspectives
  • You are a brilliant written communicator - lightweight documentation is the principal output of your work
Why join us?  
We’re gearing up for our biggest chapter yet – and it’s being driven by everyone. 

We think of ourselves as the career launchpad. A place to develop yourself, fast. Real work. Real experience. Real opportunities to collect skills. Think big remits and huge ownership to make great things happen. 

Yes, it’s target-driven and high-octane – but we like to play hard too. That’s what makes us, us. Our vibrant culture is built around potential and creating a place where you can really be you. We keep it agile and open. All voices heard. Because we believe great ideas come from everywhere. 

If you show skill and are willing, we’ll back you all the way. This is the place for you to build something incredible.

It’s in our differences that we find our strengths.

We celebrate and support the differences that make you, you. So we’re building a culture where difference is valued. We’re proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and affirmative action employer. We truly believe diversity makes us better. We particularly encourage applications from applicants from underrepresented backgrounds. We welcome applicants who may want to work flexibly.
Want to Build The Incredible? We’d love to hear from you.