Field Service Engineer

International Offices Wuhan, China



About the Company

Digital Control Incorporated manufactures the most technologically advanced Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) locating and tracking system in the market, backed by extraordinary customer service. HDD technologies are used to install underground utilities, such as fiber optics, power, gas, sewer and water with minimal environmental impact.

The HDD industry was introduced to the DigiTrak locating system in 1991. The unique features of the system provided greater accuracy for measuring the depth and location. With these abilities, the drill operators could advance the drill much faster and pull back the product easier so the drilling operation became more accurate and productive.

We provide an open, supportive, collaborative & fun workplace. We have some of the smartest & most dedicated people around developing, building & servicing products for a unique industry.  

DCI products are designed and manufactured at DCI Headquarters in the state of Washington, USA. Overseas sales and customer service are provided through dedicated offices in Australia, China, Germany, India and Russia.


Our mission is to provide the best support and the best tools to make HDD safer and more profitable.





数字控制公司(Digital Control Incorporated)以卓越的客户服务为后盾,制造市场上技术最先进的水平定向钻HDD)定位和跟踪系统。HDD技术用于安装地下设施,如光纤、电力、天然气、下水道和水对环境的影响降低到最小









Field Service Engineer




The Field Service Engineer is responsible for leading the efforts in interacting with customers and dealer personnel.  That includes visits to customer job sites, customer demonstration/training, dealer training and support, providing industry and competitive information as well as documentation of problems or failure modes experienced by customers using our products. This role also provides information about new unmet requirements for review by product management and engineering.



Key Responsibilities:

Manage customers either by account or territory – providing training, trouble-shooting and general customer service. Responsible for creating a marketing strategy to maximize penetration with in assigned territory or account.  This will involve extensive travel – up to 50%.  A company vehicle will be provided.


  • Devising strategies to achieve sales and revenue target through effective planning, forecasting and budgeting.
  • Responsible for B2B business development and managing the channel partners.
  • Expand knowledge of industry as well as the competitive landscape of the company. Assist company in conveying customer needs to inside team (Strategy and Delivery) to ensure our long-term competitive edge.
  • Work with dealers and distributors to develop customer base.
  • Initiate customer contact to ensure that all dealers have qualified people to train end-users.
  • Maintains company products to ensure systems are functioning according to specifications.
  • Performs field testing and troubleshooting on all new or enhanced company products and provides direct feedback to Customer Service, Product Development, and R&D department.
  • Issue Return Merchandise Authorization numbers and loaner equipment.
  • The assigned projects will be diverse in nature requiring initiative and judgment in determining appropriate solutions.
  • 通过有效的计划、预测和预算制定战略以实现销售和收入目标
  • 负责企业间业务的开发和渠道合作伙伴的管理
  • 拓展行业知识和公司的竞争格局。协助公司传达客户需求到团队内部(战略和交付),以确保我们的长期竞争优势。
  • 与经销商和分销商合作开发客户群
  •  联系客户以确保经销商有合格的培训人员去培训最终用户

  • 维护公司产品以确保系统各项功能运行达标

  • 对所有新的或升级的公司产品进行现场测试和故障排除,并为客户服务部门和产品研发部门提供直接反馈。
  • 签发退货商品授权编号和租借设备。
  • 这些不同的职责要求应聘者具有主动性和判断力,能找到适当的解决方案。
Required Qualifications:


  • Bachelors’ degree or equivalent combination of work and education.
  • Previous experience in trenchless technology or a similar industry is preferred.
  • Must possess a high sense of integrity and confidentiality, will be required to maintain confidential product and trade secrets information.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English and Chinese, Cantonese and/or additional language fluency preferred.
  • 学士学位或同等的工作和教育相结合的背景。
  • 有非开挖技术或类似行业工作经验者优先
  • 必须具有高度的诚信和保密意识,并能保守产品和商业信息的秘密
  • 流利的中英文口语和书面语,粤语和/或其他语言流利者优先