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Live well and age well – anywhere you call home

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Our Team

Jessica McCracken

Jessica McCracken

Director, Ruth's Table, Bethany Center

"For me, working at Covia has given me the opportunity to make my dreams come true. It is my goal to be a part of a movement that asks more of us in the field of aging and challenges us to do better to truly create a support system that can promote positive aging. Covia does just that. I feel like I am a part of an organization that can make real change. It’s exciting!"

Benny VailAgilar

Benny VailAguilar

Cook, San Francisco Towers

"Working for Covia has made a huge impact on my life. I love that everyone is always willing to help you in any situation. This place doesn’t give you just one position-you’re given the opportunity to grow and step into something else."

Ilka Vucina

Ilka Vucina

Dining Room Lead, Canterbury Woods

"I love working here because everyone who works here is happy, they appreciate your work and they see potential in me-all while I get to have fun with the residents. I love supporting the residents to live well. I get to see them smile and listen to their stories. Covia gives me the opportunity to make a real difference in someone’s life."

Telesia Tupou

Telesia Tupou

CNA, Webster House

"When I first started working here, I was new to America. The American life was new to me and everyone at Covia really guided me throughout my time here. They gave me so many opportunities and helped me have a foundation to fall back on. When you work here, you need to work from your heart to love what you do here. Taking care of loved ones is the thing I do best here, for the past 30 years. "

Angie Corpuz

Angie Corpuz

Social Services, Webster House

"There was a time that I had a personal emergency, and Covia offers an Employee Emergency Fund that was able to help my family and I. The care and compassion that I felt from Covia is something that I am forever grateful for. My experience and growth from learning from everyone here is what shaped me to be who I am today."

David Dolan

David Dolan

Senior Housing Administrator, Presidio Gate Apartments

"This organization respects individuals and who they are. From employees to the population we serve, I always feel people here are treated with respect and dignity. Covia is a great support system for our team. The company allows people to grow within their jobs to pursue different career opportunities and provides learning for the employees."

Christopher Lute

Christopher Lute

Maintenance Technician, Canterbury Woods

"Covia is a great place to start a career, to grow, learn and be yourself. I have so much gratitude for Covia for providing these opportunities to help people who have worked hard their entire lives. They give me the freedom to be myself and acknowledge my ideas and creativity."

Mission and Vision

Covia promotes and cultivates healthy communities for positive aging through an innovative continuum that actively supports the whole person.

Our vision is to be widely known as a trusted resource for aging well.

Honor Our Heritage

Our mission and principles to serve seniors as a nonprofit provider of services and housing have been shaped by the values of welcome, inclusion, social justice, and grace that come from our Episcopal heritage.

Respect One Another

We believe in working together, civility in our differences, and treating one another with dignity at all times.

Embrace Individuality

We reflect, celebrate, and foster the diversity of those who live and work within the Covia family and society as a whole.

Serve With Integrity

Strong ethics are at the heart of who we are and how we operate the organization today and tomorrow.

Grow Wisely

We are committed to expanding our mission by bringing our innovative and collaborative programs and housing options to a larger community of seniors with a wide spectrum of financial means.

Build Strength

To ensure we can continue to fulfill our mission, we are careful stewards, balancing today’s needs and resources with tomorrow’s needs and opportunities.


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Covia’s diverse and inclusive workplace nurtures employee engagement and fosters social justice. Our culture and environment is inclusive, gracious and welcoming.

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