Instructional Assistant - Physical Education

Instructional Dallas, Texas


Cityscape Schools - Job Description
The purpose of a job description is to outline the essential functions unique to a particular job within a specific department. Job descriptions are used to recruit, train, and evaluate employees. 

JOB TITLE: Instructional Assistant
REPORTS TO: Principal

Assist a certified teacher in providing instruction to individuals or small groups of students in a classroom or other learning environment; prepare instructional materials and perform a variety of routine clerical duties as assigned. 

This job description should not be interpreted as all-inclusive. It is intended to identify the essential functions and requirements of this position. The incumbents may be requested to perform job-related responsibilities and tasks other than those stated in this job description. 

Assist in the presentation of instructional materials and academic instruction to individuals or small groups of students, reinforcing instruction as directed by the teacher; assist students in their understanding and comprehension of reading, writing, language arts, math and social studies, performing remedial exercises and other basic instruction as required.
Repeat and reinforce instruction to assist students' comprehension and understanding; provide more individual assistance to students experiencing learning difficulty; explain errors and answer questions; use games, skits, puppets and other instructional activities to reinforce the main lesson plan.
Report progress regarding student performance and behavior as required; provide input and assist instructors with determining student advancement through established learning programs.
Assist with teaching and developing large and small motor skills, hand-eye coordination and group activity skills and responsibilities; utilize balls, ropes, balance beam and other physical education equipment in developing motor skills.
Assist in the preparation of materials for classroom use as directed by the teacher; prepare flash cards to assist student learning comprehension.
Observe and control behavior of students in and out of the classroom, including snack time, play time and movement of students to various locations on the school campus.
Prepare, administer, correct and record tests, papers, essays and homework assignments as directed; prepare homework packets as assigned; call students and parents to follow up on absences as assigned.
Perform a variety of clerical duties such as updating cumulative folders, recording grades, assembling materials, preparing charts and bulletin boards, taking roll, maintaining records and files, typing and duplicating classroom materials and distributing and collecting papers and supplies.
Operate audio-visual equipment, copier, laminator and fax machine; set up displays as necessary; operate a personal computer or computer terminal as required.
Assist students by providing a proper role model, emotional support, patience, a friendly attitude and general guidance.
Confer with teachers concerning programs and materials to meet student needs; arrange for guest speakers and field trips as assigned.
Assure the health and safety of students by following health and safety practices and procedures; provide immediate basic first aid and comfort to students as needed.
Direct group activities of students as assigned.
Participate in meetings, in-service training programs and field trips as assigned.
Perform other duties as assigned.
Maintain regular attendance. 


Performs other related work as required.

General Office Equipment Personal Computer 

Minimum 30 college credit hours or
Associates Degree preferred
Experience working with youth in an organized setting and some instructional experience in a classroom environment working with children and parents with special needs, multicultural and multi-ethnic backgrounds. 

Valid Texas driver’s license 

Knowledge of Cityscape Schools mission, philosophy, culture, protocol, and organizational structure;
Knowledge of local, state and federal laws governing education;
Knowledge of elementary, secondary or special education principles, practices and procedures;
Knowledge of the principles and methodology of effective teaching;
Knowledge of No Child Left Behind, Texas Education Agency, and school rules, regulations and procedures;
Ability to cultivate and maintain effective relationships with a diverse group of people and remain sensitive to their concerns;
Ability to present a positive and professional image of Cityscape Schools;
Basic subjects taught including arithmetic, grammar, spelling, language and reading.
Correct oral and written usage of English and a designated second language.
Child guidance principles and practices.
Classroom procedures and conduct.
Basic instructional techniques.
School and classroom rules, policies and procedures.
Safe practices in classroom activities.
Reading and writing communication skills.
Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy.
Record-keeping techniques.
Assist in providing patient instruction to individuals or small groups of students in a classroom or other learning environment.
Communicate effectively with students and adults both orally and in writing.
Read, write, translate and interpret English and a designated second language.
Assist with the instructional and related activities of the assigned learning environment.
Learn methods and procedures to be followed in the assigned instructional environment and limitations.
Observe and control student behavior according to approved policies and procedures.
Establish and maintain effective relationships with students, parents, staff, volunteers and the public, including members of the ethnic communities.
Prepare instructional materials and perform a variety of routine clerical duties.
Perform clerical duties such as filing, typing, duplicating and maintaining records related to the instructional program.
Print and write legibly.
Understand and follow oral and written directions.
Read, follow, explain and enforce rules, regulations, policies and procedures.
Work independently with little direction.
Operate instructional and a variety of office equipment, such as a computer, fax machine, and other machines as required, audio-visual equipment, fax, and laminator.
Maintain a clean, safe and orderly classroom learning environment. 

Ability to meet attendance requirements;
Ability to read, write, and communicate the English language effectively;
Duties performed typically in school settings to include: classrooms, gymnasium, cafeteria; auditorium, and recreational areas;
Work is performed while standing, sitting and/or walking.
Requires the ability to communicate effectively using speech, vision and hearing.
Requires the use of hands for simple grasping and fine manipulations.
Requires bending, squatting, crawling, climbing, reaching.
Requires the ability to lift, carry, push or pull medium weights, up to 50 pounds