Cirrus Logic, Inc. is a premier supplier of high-precision analog and digital signal processing components for audio and energy markets. Founded in 1984, Cirrus Logic excels at developing complex chip designs where feature integration and innovation is a premium. Cirrus Logic has more than 1,000 patents that are key to our more than 700 products serving more than 2,500 end customers globally, through both direct and distributor-based channel sales. The company’s headquarters are in Austin, Texas, with offices in Phoenix, AZ, Cupertino, CA, Greensboro, NC, and internally in the UK, China and Japan.

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Apps Engineering, Marketing, Sales

Job NameLocation
Applications Engineer - Req.Id: 5837 Edinburgh, Scotland
Audio Applications Engineer - Req.Id: 6084 Taipei, Taiwan
Field Applications Engineer - Req.Id: 5510 Taipei, Taiwan
Mixed Signal Applications Engineer/Information Developer - Req.Id: TK-5391-01 Austin, Texas
Mixed Signal Applications Engineer/Information Developer - Req.Id: TK-6171 Mesa, Arizona
Power and Mixed Signal Applications Engineer - Req.Id: WK-6056 Cupertino, California
Product Marketing Engineer - Req.Id: 6379 Hybrid Remote, Austin, Texas
Product Strategy Manager - Req.Id: 6314
3 Locations

Corporate Functions

Job NameLocation
Communications and Events Generalist - Req.Id: 6382 Hybrid Remote, Austin, Texas
IT Unified Communications Engineer - Req.Id: 6322 Austin, Texas
Sr. Information Security Engineer - Req.Id: LF-6372 Hybrid Remote, Austin, Texas
Sr. Manager, Communication & Culture - Req.Id: 6384 Hybrid Remote, Austin, Texas

Engineering Services

Job NameLocation
Analog IP Design Manager - Req.Id: MH-6244 Austin, Texas
CAD Mixed Signal Simulation Engineer - Req.Id: TC-6381 Austin, Texas
Mixed Signal IC Layout Designer - Req.Id: SP-6170 Mesa, Arizona
Mixed Signal IC Layout Designer - Req.Id: 5512 Edinburgh, Scotland
PCB Designer / Librarian - Req.Id: 6375 Edinburgh, Scotland
Product Engineer - Req.Id: SC-6036 Austin, Texas
Silicon Technology Engineer - Req.Id: 6288 Edinburgh, Scotland
Technology Operations Engineer - Req.Id: 6106 Edinburgh, Scotland

Hardware Engineering

Job NameLocation
Analog Design Engineer - Req.Id: WK-5339 Seoul, Korea
Analog Design Engineer - Req.Id: 5842-wd Edinburgh, Scotland
Analog Design Engineer - Req.Id: WK-6256 Cupertino, California
Analog Design Engineer - Req.Id: RP-6278 Mesa, Arizona
Analog Design Engineer - Power - Req.Id: 6331
2 Locations
Analog Design Engineer - Power - Req.Id: BM-6261 Mesa, Arizona
Analog Design Engineer 5 - Req.Id: RK-5914 Austin, Texas
Design Verification Engineer - Req.Id: BM-6351 Mesa, Arizona
Design Verification Engineer - Req.Id: TP-5761 Austin, Texas
Design Verification Engineer - Req.Id: MM-6301 Greensboro, North Carolina
Design Verification Engineer (UVM) - Req.Id: FC-5494 Austin, Texas
Design Verification Testbench Developer - Req.Id: GK-5743 Austin, Texas
Digital Design Engineer - Req.Id: 5844-wd Edinburgh, Scotland
Digital Design Engineer - DSP skills required - Req.Id: BM-5459 Mesa, Arizona
Digital IC Design Engineer - Req.Id: MM-6325 Greensboro, North Carolina
Embedded Software Program Manager - Req.Id: CA-6335 Austin, Texas
Entry Level Analog Design Engineer - Req.Id: JP-6250 Greensboro, North Carolina
Entry Level Design Verification Engineer - Req.Id: MM-6329 Greensboro, North Carolina
Formal Design Verification Engineer - Req.Id: CH-6380 Austin, Texas
Graduate Analog Design Engineer - Req.Id: 6289
2 Locations
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Manufacturing and Quality Engineering

Job NameLocation
Product Characterization Engineer - Req.Id: 5771 Edinburgh, Scotland
Product Engineer - Req.Id: 6258 Singapore, Singapore
Product Test Engineer - Req.Id: 5965 Taipei, Taiwan
Spice Modeling Engineer - Req.Id: SB-6210 Austin, Texas
Supplier Quality Engineer - Req.Id: 6229 Singapore, Singapore

Software/Firmware Engineering

Job NameLocation
DevOps Engineer - Req.Id: MC-6383 Austin, Texas
Full Stack Software Developer - Req.Id: CH-5853 Hybrid Remote, Austin, Texas
Principal Software Engineer - Req.Id: HN- 6373 Hybrid Remote, Austin, Texas
Senior Embedded Software Test Engineer - Req.Id: SP-6008 Austin, Texas
Software Tools Engineer - Req.Id: LS- 6368 Hybrid Remote, Austin, Texas

Students and Graduates

Job NameLocation
Applications Engineering Rotation Program - Req.Id: SP-6174 Austin, Texas
Digital Design Engineer - Req.Id: MK-6268 Austin, Texas
Entry Level Digital Design Engineer - Req.Id: KH-6360 Austin, Texas
Entry Level Digital Design Engineer - Req.Id: MM-6358 Greensboro, North Carolina
Graduate Product Test Engineer - Req.Id: 6327 Edinburgh, Scotland
Graduate Validation Engineer - Req.Id: 6326 Edinburgh, Scotland
Graduate Verification Engineer - Req.Id: 6328
2 Locations
MEng Electronic Engineering Internship - Req.Id: 6287
2 Locations
Procurement Internship - Req.Id: 6385 Edinburgh, Scotland
Summer Intern - Analog Design Engineer - Req.Id: TP-6155 Austin, Texas
Summer Intern - Applications Engineer - Req.Id: PL-6158 Austin, Texas
Summer Intern - Design Verification Engineer - Req.Id: TP-6147 Austin, Texas
Summer Intern - Digital Design Engineer - Req.Id: TP-6154 Austin, Texas
Summer Intern - FPGA Implementation Engineer - Req.Id: JF-6215 Austin, Texas
Summer Intern - Haptics Applications Engineer - Req.Id: JR-6345 Austin, Texas
Summer Intern - Mixed Signal Modeling & Verification Engineer - Req.Id: UL-6148 Austin, Texas
Summer Intern - Product Test Engineer - Req.Id: RC-6156 Austin, Texas
Summer Intern - Software Engineering - Req.Id: FC-6144 Austin, Texas
Summer Intern - Software Tools Developer - Req.Id: LS-6175 Austin, Texas

Supply Chain

Job NameLocation
New Product Planner - Req.Id: VD-5989 Austin, Texas