Open Positions


Associate, Instructional Design Boston, United States
Associate, Instructional Design Nigeria, Yaba
Associate, Instructional Design Hyderabad, Telengana
Associate, Leadership and Development Boston, United States
Director, School Management Boston, United States
Manager, Leadership and Development, Shared Services
2 Locations
Officer, Leadership and Development, Shared Services
2 Locations
Officer, Learning Innovation Nigeria, Yaba
Officer, Learning Innovation Nigeria, Nigeria
Officer, Learning Innovation Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
Program Manager, Academics Nigeria, Yaba


Accounting Associate Hyderabad, Telengana


Assistant Administration Nigeria, Yaba


Director, Communications London, United Kingdom

Customer Experience

Supervisor, School Management Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Customer Insight

Analyst, Customer Insight Nigeria, Yaba


Property Sales Agents Nairobi, Kenya
Quality Inspector, Construction Nairobi, Kenya
Supervisor, Construction Kampala, Uganda


Program Analyst Nigeria, Yaba
Program Managing Director Nigeria, Nigeria
Project Director, Kenya Nairobi, Kenya
Project Director, Liberia Monrovia, Liberia
Project Director, Nigeria Nigeria, Nigeria

Executive Management

Managing Director, Community Schools Nigeria, Yaba


Officer, Finance Nigeria, Yaba

Finance Leadership

Director, Finance Monrovia, Liberia

Finance Operations

GL Manager, Finance Operations Hyderabad, Telengana
Treasury Manager, Finance Operations Hyderabad, Telengana


Finance Associate - Internship Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

IT Operations

Associate, IT Operations Nigeria, Yaba
Manager, IT Operations Hyderabad, Telengana
Manager, IT Operations Nigeria, Nigeria
Manager, IT Operations, Enterprise Applications Hyderabad, Telengana

Leadership & Development

Leadership & Development Officer Nigeria, Nigeria
Learning and Development Associate Nigeria, Nigeria

Measurement & Evaluations

Analyst, Measurement and Evaluation Hyderabad, Telengana

New Opportunities

Director, Academics, New Opportunities Vijaywada/ Nairobi/ Lagos/ Boston, Kenya
Director, Leadership & Development, New Opportunities Vijaywada/ Nairobi/ Lagos/ Boston, Kenya
Director, Operations, New Opportunities Nairobi, Kenya
Director, Policy and Partnerships, New Opportunities Nairobi, Kenya
Director, Schools, New Opportunities Vijaywada/ Nairobi/ Lagos/ Boston, Kenya


Associate, Customer Care Nigeria, Yaba
Director, Operations, Liberia Monrovia, Liberia
Instructional Oversight Program Manager Nigeria, Nigeria
Programme Officer, Operations Nigeria, Yaba
Vice President, Operations Nairobi, Kenya
Vice President, Supply Chain Hyderabad, Telengana
Warehouse Supervisor, Supply Chain Nairobi, Kenya


Director, People Nairobi, Kenya
Manager, Administration Nigeria, Nigeria
Manager, People Boston, United States
Manager, People Operations Nigeria, Nigeria
Officer, Administration Hyderabad, Telengana

Policy & Partnerships

Director, Policy and Partnerships Nigeria, Nigeria
Director, Policy and Partnerships New Delhi, Delhi
Government Relations Officer, Policy and Partnership Nigeria, Yaba
Manager, Policy & Partnerships Nairobi, Kenya

Product Management

UX/UI Designer Hyderabad, Telengana

Quality Assurance

Associate, Quality Assurance Nigeria, Nigeria
Supervisor Quality Assurance Nigeria, Nigeria

School Leadership

Program Manager, Schools Nigeria, Yaba


Director Schools Nigeria, Nigeria
Director, Schools Nairobi, Kenya
Director, Schools Nigeria, Yaba
Global Director of School Launch Vijaywada/ Lagos/ Nairobi, India
Manager, Academics Nigeria, Yaba
Manager, Academics Monrovia, Liberia
Manager, Leadership & Development Nigeria, Yaba
Manager, Leadership & Development Nairobi, Kenya
Programme Officer, School Management
2 Locations
Programme Officer, Schools Nigeria, Yaba
Regional Director, Schools Nairobi, Kenya
Regional Manager, School Management Nigeria, Yaba
Supervisor, Schools Nigeria, Yaba

Software Development

Lead Android Engineer Hyderabad, Telengana
Lead Front-End Developer Hyderabad, Telengana
Lead Full-Stack Engineer Hyderabad, Telengana
Senior Android Engineer Hyderabad, Telengana
Senior Front-End Developer Hyderabad, Telengana
Senior Full-Stack Engineer Hyderabad, Telengana
Senior Full-Stack Engineer, Software Development London, United Kingdom
Senior Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) Hyderabad, Telengana
Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) London, United Kingdom

Strategy Leadership

Associate, Customer Insights Nigeria, Yaba
Communications Manager
2 Locations
Coordinator, Customer Insight Nigeria, Yaba
Government Relations Manager, Policy and Partnerships Nigeria, Yaba

Talent Acquisition

Manager, Talent Acquisition Nigeria, Nigeria
Manager, Talent Acquisition Nigeria, Yaba
Programme Manager, Talent Acquisition Nairobi, Kenya
Recruiter Nigeria, Yaba
Talent Acquisition Lead, Executive Search Nairobi, Kenya

Technology Leadership

Software Architect Hyderabad, Telengana

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