Food & Beverage Manager - Germany

Food & Beverage Paris, France


Food & Beverage Manager – Germany 🥦🍕

Part of the F&B Team, you will report to Florent Lunel, Group F&B Director.

You will be in charge r Big Mamma and Napoli Gang Gemany of:

  • Sourcing and procurements
  • Logistics
  • Menu engineering

You will also participate to the Artistic Direction and Offer definitions.


Your main mission will to be to guarantee the F&B performance in Germany.

  1. Procurements

With the help and support of BM’s procurement manager, your missions will be the following:

  • Purchase: find products, develop new channels, create new suppliers’ relationships, trades (negotiations), tendering process
  • Products sourcing: guarantee products’ “newness” and “perfectness”
  • Build a good and strong relationships with the suppliers
  • Have a current control of the quality and pre-fixed prices of the products
  • Launch and follow the evolution of Easilys (F&B software)
  • Perform analysis on the main products families
  • Help restaurants’ chefs with the F&B orders placements
  • Manage and secure all the restaurant openings in Germany


  1. Logistics

With the help and support of Big Mamma’s Logistics manager your missions will be the following:

  • Convey: set up an optimal, responsive, and solid logistics organization, aligned with Big Mamma's development ambition
  • Provide reactive solutions to daily restaurant problems (product shortages, delivery errors, ...)
  • Support restaurants when carrying out monthly inventories in Easilys
  • Ensure that the Mercuriales (prices and product lists) are up to date for carrying out inventories
  • Provide quality service to restaurants
  • Set up the logistics plans for the openings of new restaurants in


  1. Offer, Menu engineering and F&B cost optimisation

With the help and support of Big Mamma’s Food and Beverages Offers managers your missions will be the following:

  • Ensure the seasonality of products in the menus
  • Manage the menus: rotation, content, performance, pricing, menu engineering, respect of the timings
  • Manage costs: design menus that optimize Food Costs objectives
  • Help the professionalization of restaurant processes (respect of portions and products)
  • Manage Easilys and ensure the quality of the data
  • Contribute to the respect of the F&B cost objectives set by the group, by setting up the necessary processes and controlling changes in expenses, inventories, and losses
  • Ensure compliance with recipes, in coordination with the Chefs and the restaurants’ directors

Languages: German, English 

BIG MAMMA is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.