Open Positions


Business Development Representative
2 Locations
Implementation Analyst Laguna Hills, California
Project Manager Laguna Hills, California
Sales Director Laguna Hills, California
Senior Support Analyst Tacoma, Washington
Software Integrations Engineer Tacoma, Washington
Software Test Engineer Tacoma, Washington
Support Analyst Tacoma, Washington


Direct Sales Executive Glendale, California
Marketing Copywriter
3 Locations

Human Resources

Technical Recruiter (Contract) Glendale, California


DevOps (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Front End Engineer (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Product Designer (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Software Architect - Backend (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Sr Backend Engineer (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Sr Data Engineer (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Sr DevOps Engineer (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Sr Front End Engineer (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Technical Product Manager (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
UX Researcher (APAC) Singapore, Singapore
UX Researcher (EMEA) Amman, Jordan


AI Solutions Data Scientist (APAC) Taiwan, Taiwan
Back-End Software Engineer (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Data Engineer (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Data Science Solutions Manager (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Data Scientist (APAC) Taiwan, Taiwan
Data Scientist (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
DevOps Engineer (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Front-end Software Engineer (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Machine Learning Scientist Glendale, California
NLP Applied Scientist (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Quality Assurance Engineer (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Senior Data Engineer (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Senior NLP Applied Scientist (EMEA) Cairo, Egypt
Software Architect - Backend (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Software Engineering Manager (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Solutions Developer (EMEA) Amman, Jordan
Technical Project Manager (APAC) Taiwan, Taiwan
Technical Sales (APAC) Tokyo, Japan

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