Sr Devops Engineer

Product & Engineering Boston, MA United States


Company Overview 

AtScale enables smarter decision-making by accelerating the flow of data-driven insights. The company's semantic layer platform simplifies, accelerates, and extends business intelligence and data science capabilities for enterprise customers across all industries. With AtScale customers are empowered to democratize data, implement self-service BI and build a more agile analytics infrastructure for better more impactful decision making.  

Job Description

We are hiring for a devops engineer with the emphasis on "engineer". While we need help with key devops and mlops tasks, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the core product and help design cutting edge solutions for AI at scale. workflows. This is an opportunity to help build a new business from the ground up, within an existing market and company. 

  • Collaborate to design, document, and implement new solutions that address core challenges of MLOps
  • Explore integrations with different technologies and propose solutions to unique challenges in AI
  • Deploy, manage, and automate infrastructure necessary to support software builds, SaaS applications, complex data operations, and analytics workflows
  • Help establish best practices, document designs, and mentor junior team members
  • Define requirements, estimate work, track dependencies, report progress, highlight blockers
  • BA/BS preferred in a technical or engineering field
  • 3+ years experience
  • Good command of python or similar programming language 
  • Experience with devops best practices and tools such as github, related automation, security scanning, etc.
  • Experience with container technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and related orchestration
  • Expert knowledge of cloud technologies such as serverless implementations (e.g. ECS Fargate, Lambda), auth services (e.g. Cognito), dev resources (e.g. Secrets Manager), and SaaS supporting tech (e.g. API Gateway).
  • Deep understanding of core cloud networking concepts such as VPCs, NACLs, Security Groups, VPC Endpoints, Load Balancers, Subnets, Peering, etc.
  • Familiarity with security considerations and configurations for production apps including isolating and securing environments using network configurations, SSO and/or IAM roles, and key encryption (e.g. AWS KMS).
  • Familiarity with security related to cloud infrastructure and experience with tools such as Resource Access Manager, Organizations, Security Hub, GuardDuty, Inspector, Config, Cloudtrail, Network Firewall Shield, Web Application Firewall, Audit Manager.
  • Familiarity with data infrastructure and cloud services EMR, Glue, Athena, Kinesis, and Lake Formation.
  • Experience with cloud data technologies such as AWS Glue, Lake Formation, MSFT Synapse, Databricks, etc. 
  • Experience with query ETL workflows, query languages like SQL,, and different database technologies such as DynamoDB, RDS, etc.
  • Experience working in a regulated industry and meeting compliance requirements (e.g. SOC2, HIPAA, FDA, etc)
  • Experience with syntax like SQL, GraphQL, SPARQL, OQL, etc.
  • Familiarity with data types such as parque, avro, json, csv, xml, etc.
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