Senior Vision Mixer

Technology & Network Operations Doha, Qatar


Position at Al Jazeera Media Network

Job Summary:     
The Senior Vision Mixer crafts a news and programme from the director's vision and the producers rundown. The Vision Mixer operates a large and complex piece of gallery equipment and has a strong technical understating on the workings of television equipment. The Senior Vision Mixer is expected to design, create, and implement vision mixer associated set ups, including e-mems and macros.     
Specific Responsibilities:     
  • Programming the video switcher to provide composite effects required in any given live broadcast or programme and create any special effects such as multiple boxed pictures, via the vision desk or other kit. 
  • Operating large and complex vision desks. Cutting between sources in association with the Director or independently, must look ahead to determine the visual requirements of any given programme and plan how to meet those requirements. 
  • Liaise closely with graphics operator and creative department to establish how a production’s agreed appearance can be achieved on screen and advising both of those departments on the material they have to deliver and the mode of delivery so it can be smoothly integrated into the production process. 
  • Must operate video switcher during live or recorded shows, cutting between cameras, live feeds graphics and composite effects as required by director. 
  • Must keep track of changing programme rundowns using NRCS 
  • Must enable the smooth operation of the video switcher by storing effects in a sensible, ordered way. 
  • Must document new effects and changes to video switcher configuration so other Vision Mixers can quickly find new effects and are made aware of changes which will affect them. 
  • Must identify any fault with the video switcher and liaise with Engineering department on the best way of correcting those faults. 
  • Liaise with sound department when required to program visual effects which have related sound which must be triggered by the Vision Mixer. 
  • Liaise with News Operations on OB productions 
  • Perform other duties relevant to the job as requested across Al Jazeera Media Network  
Minimum Qualifications and Experience Required:     
  • Degree in Film, Directing, Video Editing, Graphics, Media, Communications, or related field Diploma in related fields. 
  • At least 5 years in television 
  • At least 3 years in a 24-hour news environment in a vision mixing role