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IT Solutions Tokyo, Tokyo


Position at Capgemini Japan

Corporate information

Capgemini, one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, has over 17,500 professionals with expertise in SAP solutions, with nearly 40 percent located in global delivery centers and more than 1,300 services clients worldwide. Capgemini’s implementation business in support of SAP solutions spans all major industries, including consumer goods and retail, energy and utilities, manufacturing, public sector and financial services, working with companies of all sizes. Capgemini Japan focuses on globalization initiatives, and there have great opportunities of working with global talents, of making human network across the world and of learning our world-class methodology and accelerators.

Project opportunity overview

One of the key challenges that Japanese companies face is globalization, i.e., standardizing enterprise architecture globally. There are not so many Japanese companies that attempt to transform themselves to a global company and there are not so many opportunities of working on globalization. However, in business transformation project for our major Japanese clients, as they are now shifting to a global company, you will be able to work on such globalization opportunity. If you fulfill your responsibility successfully and make this great transformation happen, you will get quite meaningful experience and bilingual coordination capabilities that majorities of the other Japanese clients show their interests for their globalization. 


  • Provide application management service as service delivery manager to the client (the following are examples of key responsibilities)
  • Ensure Capgemini is honoring all delivery and service commitments to the client as defined in the Agreement
  • Ensure effective and satisfactory resolution of all client concerns and issues
  • Ensure delivery according to the contractual obligations
  • Champion deployment of operational best practices
  • Monitors, analyzes, forecasts and reports on contractual commitments for the Application Management Service Lots including compliance issues and contract violations
  • Service Level Management: Service Level performance monitoring and metrics
  • Ensure client-centric behavior by all client facing members
  • Support Capgemini team in the Services being provided
  • Planning for change, technical and component strategy
  • Overall responsibility for remote delivery of the Services and ensuring high quality service delivery from all Capgemini personnel
  • Conduct periodic operational/performance reviews in accordance with the Agreement
  • Participate in the client demand management process as requested to prioritize major and minor enhancement work
  • Be responsible for on-boarding of new team members including but not limited to compliance training
  • Support SAP business development through RFP response, proposal development, and/or oral presentation etc.
  • Participate in Capgemini enterprise solutions practice community by exchanging the knowledge and experience across SAP practitioners
  • Creating global standard operating model
  • Planning and execution of global expansion
  • Highway to S4 (Check-up and implementation service before building digital infrastructure by S/4 Hana)
  • Fast Digital 4 (FD4) Discrete Industries – Supply chain tracking, Manufacturing process simulation, Time based maintenance
  • Change Management

Necessary skills and experience 

  • Creating execution plan for acquiring business opportunities from CxO level in our clients
  • Experience in program management and change management for enterprise level project (More than 100 people per month, including offshore members)
  • 10+ years of SAP implementation project experience in at least one of the following industries; assembly manufacturing, parts maker, life science, retails, public sectors.
  • Based on client needs, understand the major issues in the specific industry and propose the appropriate service
  • Logical thinking with effective communication skill
  • Experience in working with offshore team and being able to introduce innovative cases or assets
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Bilingual skill (Native level Japanese/Business level English for speaking/listening/writing/reading)



我々コンサルタントは、企業の差別化の源泉が何かをクライアントと議論し、非差別化領域にはパッケージ、SAPであれば当社PATHソリューションを提案します。真に差別化になる要件以外は開発しない、即ちソリューションをそのまま受け入れるアプローチ、即ちDesign by Acceptionを推奨します。グループ全体21万人, 18,000名以上のSAP要員を擁し、プロジェクトに応じた最適なチームを編成、世界共通のメソドロジーやツールを駆使し、各種サービスを通じてクライアントと共にゴールを目指します。

  • グローバル標準オペレーティングモデル策定
  • グローバル展開計画策定および実行推進
  • Highway to S4  S/4 HANAによるデジタル基盤構築に向けた診断・導入サービス
  • Fast Digital 4 (FD4) Discrete Industries サプライ・チェーン・トラッキング、製造プロセス・シミュレーション、予知保全
  • チェンジ・マネジメント


  • クライアントのマネジメント層(CxO)との関係を構築し、ビジネス機会獲得の実行計画を策定し、主導することができる
  • 大規模プロジェクト(オンサイト・オフショア含め月100人以上)のプログラム・マネジメントおよびチェンジ・マネジメント
  • 10年以上のSAP導入プロジェクト経験。組立製造、自動車部品、ライフ・サイエンス、消費財、公益業界いずれかのSAP導入経験
  • インダストリーに影響を及ぼす重要課題を把握し、クライアントのニーズに対応したサービス提案ができる
  • ロジカル・シンキングおよび効果的なコミュニケーション・スキル
  • グローバルチームと連携し、先進的な事例やアセットを展開できる
  • 事業の成長を推進する起業家精神



キャップジェミニについての詳細は、www.capgemini.com/jp-jp/ をご覧ください。
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