FS部門 - Delivery Quality Assurance Manager

Insurance Software Tokyo, Japan


Position at Capgemini Japan

Delivery Quality Assurance Manager

Position Description:
Capgemini Japan is looking for a Delivery Quality Assurance Manager for our FS Delivery team.

Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
As Delivery Quality Assurance Manager at our Japan Office, build a Quality Assurance & Risk Management team and perform the expected duties mainly during the project delivery phase to support project management, especially in terms of quality control and risk management.

Quality Management / Assurance
- For the delivery of consulting and system integration services to our Japanese clients, be responsible for quality control and develop the relevant quality assurance policies, organizational roles & responsibilities, processes, and structures. Note that the skillset required for this position includes creation of various documents as well as preparation of templates in both Japanese and English.
- During the performance of the foregoing, work closely with our global colleagues to ensure that we conform to/adopt the global project management/quality control frameworks and/or methodologies and organize the entire regime by considering the quality control standards wanted by Tier1 companies in the Japanese market as well as Japan’s legal and regulatory landscape including Labor Standards Law.
Capgemini Group has a Quality Management System (QMS) in place based on global standards including CMMI and ISO. For the financial services industry where regulations/requirements are especially tough, we offer a mechanism called UniQuE (Unified Quality Management for Excellence) to facilitate project management and quality control.
- During the pre-sales/bid phase, review the offer documents and quotations etc. from the quality aspect during the QA (Quality Assessment) review.
- Prior to the start of any project, review the project management/quality control plans (quality control goals, standards etc.) in the project execution plan.
- During the project delivery phase, hold internal quality reviews and customer reviews regularly. Internal reviews include checking up on the project progress/finance/quality etc. as reported monthly by the project side using the eMonitoring tool. For certain projects with a large scale or a higher risk, the management (APAC and Japan BU) will review the project status at the M-Review.
If any deteriorating signs in any project status/quality are detected in eMonitoring or M-Review, action plans should be put together to lead us off to a speedy recovery.
Client reviews are performed through a customer satisfaction survey called OTACE (On Time and Above Client Expectations) where we gather client feedbacks and use them as input for Kaizen (improvements), ensuring the delivery of excellent operations.
- Throughout the entire quality control/assurance activities, collect and analyze the accumulated best practices, OTACE data and quality data for systemic improvement/enhancement of quality control/assurance operations.
- Work closely with the finance or cybersecurity teams and execute remedial measures against any comments/non-compliant items raised during internal/external audits (ISO 27001 Security Audit etc.).

- Experienced in Quality Assurance and/or Risk Management.
- Certifications include but not limited: SEI CMMI 3-5, ISO 20000, ISO 9000



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