Infra Project Manager - European Insurance Client

Consulting Tokyo, Japan


Position at Capgemini Japan

Duties and Responsibilities:
To accelerate the integration of the organization, this PM is used to manage various related requests.
The PM is the centralized point of contact for the organization, and is responsible for listing requests, adjusting priorities, distributing tasks to ADL resources, and reporting the status to the relevant parties. As a member of the ADL, he or she is also responsible for executing some of the requests. By organizing the traffic of the requests, we aim to maximize the efficiency of the ADL members, accelerate the organization project, and explain the status to the related parties in a timely manner.

• Bilingual (English + Japanese)

Key Accountability
1. Centralized management of organization related requests
・ Accept organization-related requests from ALJ and ADJ and understand the contents and background
・ Manage the list of requests and adjust the priority according to the changes in the situation
・ Act as a centralized point of communication with ALJ and ADJ regarding requests
・ In consultation with the ADL manager, allocate each request to ADL members, provide appropriate follow-up, and monitor progress and issues.
・ Share and report the status of each request as requested by requesters and other related parties.

2. PL of individual projects as an ADL member
・ Understand the existing system environment and processes of ADL.
・ Break down the request into requirements and necessary tasks.
・ Manage task progress and issues, dispatch subtasks to other team members when necessary, and reports to relevant parties.
・ Analyze the impact of tasks on the production environment and follow the necessary change control procedures. Execute system changes to the production environment according to the defined rules.

Critical Leadership Competencies
・ Customer Centricity: Be attentive, available and proactive to solve problems faced.
・ Teamwork: Work well with team mates to improve team productivity and efficiency
・ Ability to work and communicate effectively and efficiently with limited supervision
・ Maintain an ethical conduct and behave with integrity
・ Be results oriented, keep track of tasks assigned and team KPIs and keep superiors informed of status of tasks
・ Demonstrate an open mind to new ideas and changes that enhance the operational methods used.
Continually seek to gain knowledge, and introduce new and innovative solutions to overcome challenges

Key Customers, Projects, Committees
・ Key Customers: Organization Technology team and Security team
・ Projects: Participation in initiatives defined by PMO in the areas of ADL system/process migration and dealing with requests from projects related to Organization technology and security.
Committees: Actively volunteer in task force groups and committees that are part of employee communities.

Position Requirements (Experience & Qualifications)
・ Solid understanding of IT systems – Windows and Linux servers, network, database, security devices, etc.
・ Minimum 7+ yrs experience working in IT related technical areas
・ Minimum 3+ yrs experience in project management. PMP holder desirable.
・ Ability to negotiate with different stakeholders to align priorities.
・ English proficiency: TOEIC: 700 or more desirable. Ability to communicate in English.
・ Japanese language fluency (Japanese level 1 or higher)
・ College degree in Computer Science, related field, or equivalent work experience
・ Development experience in scripts and programming languages (e.g. bash, windows batch, power shell, Python, Java script, Java, etc.) desirable
・ Specialized training or work experience in web-based system development or system monitoring. Experience working in the insurance or financial sector desirable



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