AWS Solution Architect

Insight & Data Tokyo, Japan


Position at Capgemini Japan


1. AWS solution architect
2. Proficient with AWS Services, Tools and best practices
3. Must have previous experiences of AWS migration
4. Important to have experience of working in AWS based data migration/transformation projects
5. Japanese and English bilingual


1. Responsible for providing the necessary technical advisory for implementing a cloud migration strategy, particularly on AWS.
2. Collaborate with customer tech team to understand requirements and render those as architectural models that will operate at large scale and high performance.
3. Should be able to provide recommendations for Tools and Technologies which are best suited for future landscape as per client requirements.
4. Offshore coordination.
5. Customer communication in Japanese.
6. Help in translations of existing technical design documents from Japanese to English.
7. Help in translating from English technical documents to Japanese for customer delivery.



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