DevOps Engineer for Telecom domain project

Engineering Tokyo, Japan


Position at Capgemini Japan

DevOps Engineer for Telecom domain Project

Duties and Responsibilities / 職務範囲:

RAN QA department is in charge of SW Quality Assurance before production deployment and we research new virtual RAN solution including Beyond 5G and Space Mobile,

To integration new solution, we deploy of OpenStack based virtualization / Docker/Kubernetes based containerization platform and data center fabric network in new solution lab environment.


- Design and integrate new cloud network for particular RAN new solution with other stakeholders

- E2E tracking for all the issues and ensure cloud network service availability.

- Coordination with L4  team (Vendor  support)  for final  RCA  & resolution.

- Knowledge transfer for new issues and solutions to other member.

- Working on Cloud infra-issues (QA Lab & Global).

- Root cause analysis (RCA) and providing permanent fix.

- Major & Minor enhancements within Cloud infra-network.

- Close collaboration with other stakeholders (e.g. RAN, IPTx) to define/confirm bugs/issues and perform the corrective actions.

Qualifications (Mandatory) 応募条件(必須):


- Minimum 5+ years of experience supporting cloud systems.

- Familiar with Kubernetes, OpenStack, virtualization, KVM, and other Cloud technologies.

- Solid understanding Linux CLI operation and basic configuration (equivalent to LPIC L1 or LinuC L1).

- Knowledge on container software (Kubernetes, Docker, Calico, Istio) and ecosystem.

- Knowledge on basics of L2/L3 network, hardware and storage integration.

- Experience using Ansible, Python or similar programming languages.

Qualifications (Preferred) 応募条件(歓迎):

- Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA).

- Knowledge of IP NW, IP certificate holder such as CCNA, CCNP etc

- Experience of integration between RAN application and the container platform.

- Experience in the operation of the container platform.

- Active attitude to the new technologies and products.

- Great problem solving ability.

Language Capability:
Fluent in both Japanese and English 

Work Location/勤務地:
Tokyo 東京




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