Account Manager

Sales China Jiangxi


Full Time position


Account Manager 客户经理


Travel Requirements/出差需求:

Travel between multiple working sites as needed.


Languages Requirements/语言要求:

Fluent in Chinese and Basic in English/流利的中文及基础的英语



Jiangxi Jiujiang - 江西九江


Main responsibilities/工作职责:

  1. Dosing equipment running well and so on在工厂提供日常服务,包括产品转移、添加设备正常运行等
  2. Follow up and report the production and our applications status 跟踪和汇报车间生产和产品应用情况
  3. Keep good communication with the customer 保持同客户正常的沟通
  4. Assist the manager to manage the inventory on-site and collect the product consumption 协助经理管理现场库存和消耗
  5. Assist the manager to maintain the relationship with the customer 协助经理维护客户关系
  6. Account receivable tracking and collecting 应收账款跟踪
  7. Make sure the safety accident is 0 安全工作无事故


Job requirements/任职要求: 

  1. Major Request/专业要求:

College degree or above, Pulp and papermaking /chemical preferred/专科以上学历,制浆造纸/化工专业优化先

  1. Working experience/工作经验:

        Minimum 2 years Tissue mill working experience 两年以上的生活用纸工作经验

        Good knowledge of Tissue and papermaking process, basic understand of paper chemistry. 有丰富生活用纸和造纸流程相关专业知识,对造纸化学品有基础了解。

  1. Communication/沟通:

Good communication skill with others/良好的沟通能力

  1. Basic computer skillfamiliar with MS office. 基础电脑知识,熟练使用office.