Country Manager - Canada

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Job Success Profile

Country Manager


1.    Mission Statement

The Country Manager’s primary responsibility is to be in charge of business development in a particular country or region. They handle a wide range of tasks such as launching, developing, and managing the production and distribution of a business’s products or services in a given country.

The Country Manager will lead the Sales and Operations organizations within the Country or assigned geography.  This position helps Buckman capture market share from the competition through profitable revenue growth and the execution of our defined growth strategies.  

The following country functions report to this position:

  • Operations – Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics, Procurement, SHERQ, Customer Services, Process Safety, Engineering, Regulatory.
  • Commercial – local Sales and Marketing

(Some of the countries may not have all of the sub-functions above)

2.    Outcomes and Objectives

Manage all business activities in one country

The Country Manager is responsible for the highest management for all business activities of the enterprise in a country. This means they will be responsible for revenue, profit, working capital, compliance and product quality goals. At the same time, the Country Manager must maintain the highest levels of alignment, collaboration and communication with global Buckman leadership (C-suite).


Aligns and Executes Plans and Strategies

  • Leads and drive collaboration in the country’s management team and within the global Buckman matrix structure
  • Aligns strategy with top leadership and communicates plans and strategies to associates
  • Demonstrates an understanding of country competitors, key industry issues, economic trends and the implications to the business and take actions as required
  • Ensures that decisions and initiatives are consistent with Buckman’s broader strategies and long-term direction
    • Ensures the execution of the global growth strategy in the country


Drives Results

  • Sets challenging and clear expectations to the team, manages performance effectively
  • Drives for an increase in sales, operating profit and market profit contribution that are aligned with global plans
  • Actively coaches leaders on how to grow sales, achieve work results, plans and KPMs
  • Holds leaders accountable for achieving work results, plans and KPMs at all levels of the organization
  • Identifies and obtains resources needed to accomplish country plans
  • Addresses barriers to achieving results and any sources of lagging performance
  • Initiates and drives CI to reduce complexity, costs and increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Develops and implements strategies to optimize the country supply chain network to deliver cost savings and greater efficiency. 



Financial Results Management

  • Monitors financial results and draws conclusions to make business and workforce decisions
  • Develops and implements appropriate financial plans, budgets and forecasts that are reliable
  • Chooses appropriate course of action to maximize revenue and profitability
  • Conducts regular reviews against plans and takes appropriate corrective action


Ethical, Safe and Environmentally Sound Operations

  • Adheres to Buckman’s Code of Ethics
  • Visibly supports and ensure the safety and environmental compliance
  • Communicates and demonstrates the Buckman Safety and Environmental Values and Principles
  • Integrates safety and environmental policies into objectives, strategies and business plans
  • Provides appropriate resources to carry out safety and environmental policies
  • Holds others accountable for working in an environmentally responsible and safe manner
  • Evaluates the safety and environmental results of the Company and make necessary adjustment
  • Ensures maintenance and or attaining necessary management systems aligned to ISO (or similar) standards for safety, environmental management and quality that meet local market needs.


Talent Development

  • Visibly supports and lead talent management activities and processes
  • Holds leaders accountable for actively coaching and developing their people
  • Develops successors and talent pools to build bench strength and availability of future talent
  • Provides feedback and coaching to support others’ skill development


Leads Changes that Drive Buckman 4.0

  • Embraces and leads key changes across the country that are aligned with Buckman 4.0.  Holds leaders and associates accountable for supporting needed changes.
  • Leads the implementation of the digital strategy in the country, ensuring both sales and applicable operational outcomes are delivered – aligned with the Global Digital organization and strategy
  • Leads the digital transformation in the local organization, driving optimization, becoming the digital trusted advisor to our customers.  Demonstrates digital savviness and an openness to digital selling techniques and different routes to market. 


Ensures Sound Corporate Governance

  • Identifies, mitigates and monitors potential business risks
  • Ensures compliance with local legislation and changes
  • Ensures alignment and compliance with Global Buckman Corporate Governance and Risk Management requirements
  • Leads and drives local compliance requirements
  • Ensures all external and internal audit recommendations are implemented


Effective Represents Buckman

  • Maintains and builds relationships with all stakeholders
  • Representing Buckman at key meetings with customers; suppliers, government/regulators and the community
  • Representing the Company with media when required
  • Ensures good public image of Company in the local market

3.    Success Metrics

  • Country safety performance
  • Country FCF, GM, OP, MPC, sales, and gross profit; including year over year growth
  • Customer penetration and retention
  • Conversion rate and trial success rate
  • Market Share
  • Work force effectiveness: USD OP/associate (people cost)
  • Digital sales as % of total sales and Digital Quotient
  • Regulatory compliance

4.    Main Decision-Making Rights – accountable/decision maker for:

  • Enterprise Strategies and resource allocation.
    • Executing country sales strategies.
    • Allocation of investment approved by C-Suite and rolling out performance targets across the region.
  • Differentiated investment on a certain geography or application within the country.
    • Divesting efforts from existing applications.
    • Identifying geographies or applications within an industry to prioritize.
  • Indirect channel / route to market
    • The best route to market for a new or existing offering.
    • Changes in distributors to better serve an industry or geography.
    • Define who is allowed to sign distributor agreements.
  • Prioritizing R&D and digital projects for commercialization within a business unit
    • After leadership has made allocations to the regions, what R&D and digital projects are prioritized, piloted, and commercialized within the country.
  • Supply chain network optimization
    • How to optimize the country supply chain network.
    • How the country supply chain network should change based upon a new manufacturing technology.
    • What country supply chain network changes should be made after Buckman rolls out a new product line.
    • Go-forward approach to optimizing country supply chain operations after an acquisition.

5.    Competencies:

          Job Competencies – Results Leadership:

          Aligns Execution

          Ensures accountability

          Job Competencies – People Leadership:

          Attracts and develops top talent

          Drives vision and purpose

          Job Competencies – Thought Leadership:

          Strategic mindset

          Business insight

          Financial acumen

          Job Competencies – Self Leadership:

          Nimble learning


6.    Minimum requirements to apply

Must have had successful experiences:

  • Setting clear strategies for the business, building an actionable plan and following through to successfully deliver outstanding results in a consistent manner.
  • Building a high performing team – demonstrated ability to attract top talent, grow and develop talent, exit below expectation team members – maximizing team output.
  • Deep financial acumen including defining clear financial performance goals for cash, sales and profitability and meeting high levels of growth performance for a business.
  • Sales and profitability performance management and delivery - track record.
  • Outstanding customer focus including the ability to develop strong, long-term customer relationships.
  • Experience developing and delivering supply chain optimization strategies
  • Minimum 10+ years of sales leadership experience with progressive leadership capabilities shown
  • A bachelor’s degree in Chemical engineering and/or business is required.  MBA is preferred.
  • Experience in an industry that Buckman serves (Paper/Water/Performance Chemicals) is highly desirable
  • The successful candidate must be able to speak and write in English fluently


Must have these Competencies:

  • Aligns Execution
  • Ensures accountability
  • Business insight
  • Financial acumen



  • Within the country assigned to the role.