Research Associate I - Zhou lab

Laboratory Novato, California


The Buck Institute for Research on Aging has an opening for a Research Associate to study protein folding problems during cellular aging in the lab of Dr. Kai Zhou. The Zhou lab uses budding yeast to study the principles of protein folding and how aging affects this process, as well as how protein folding problems feed back to cellular aging. As protein folding problems are featured in aging and many age-related diseases, including neurodegenerative diseases, the mechanisms revealed with a basic cellular aging model will guide further exploration in other animal models for aging and age-related diseases.

Instead of just preparing medium and reagents, the Research Associate will be part of a collaborative project with other students/postdocs in the lab and responsible for driving the progress of his/her part of the project independently. 

This project will be finished within a year and the RA will co-first author the resulting paper.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in biology or related fields.
  • Strong interest in learning new scientific techniques and working side-by-side with PI in the lab.
  • Candidate will learn genetics, cell biology, proteomics, biochemistry, imaging and bioinformatics to solve the protein folding and aging–related questions.


  • Rewarding and challenging experience for highly motivated individual.
  • Ideal position for graduates seeking research experience and publications required for future graduate or medical school applications.


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Click the “Apply” button to submit your CV along with a PDF document that includes a cover letter describing your research interests, past research experience, future plans, and expectations from working in the lab, along with your college transcript and GPA.  In addition, please request two-three professional references to be sent on your behalf to [email protected]