Engineering Manager - Web services

Engineering Bangalore, India


Verizon recently acquired BlueJeans and plans to integrate BlueJeans employees into Verizon, including its compensation and benefits programs, in due course. This position will be part of that planned integration.

You will work closely with product management to drive roadmap, your peers across the company to ensure integration, operations and program management to drive roll out and customer support to support deployment.


The ideal candidate will...

  • have experience hiring and developing great talent
  • have a passion for technology with strong design and problem-solving skills
  • have excellent oral and written communication skills. 
  • have experience designing and building large scalable web services.
  • be proficient in at-least one server-side language such as Java or Node.js.
  • have an in-depth understanding of database technologies (SQL and NoSQL) as well as API cache design and caching technologies. 
  • have experience building RESTful APIs and have good knowledge of RESTful design patterns.
  • have experience with container orchestration technologies such as Kubernetes
  • have experience working on cloud technologies and with cloud providers such as AWS
  • be able to communicate and work well within a geographically distributed team


We usually look for ...

  • 9+ years of product development experience 
  • 2+ years of experience managing a high performing product development team
  • Experience building scalable we services with RESTful APIs
  • Excellent knowledge of at-least one database technology
  • BE/B.Tech in Computer Science or related field

You get bonus points for... 

  • Experience in realtime communication products
  • Knowledge of infrastructure services such as zookeeper and caching products such as couchbase
  • Experience in scaling large high transaction volume web services
  • Contributions to open source projects