Senior Producer, WoW Classic

Production Irvine, CA


The World of Warcraft team is seeking a full-time Senior Producer to help us support the exciting future in store for World of Warcraft: Classic. We need someone that can collaborate with the best game developers in the world to turn our ambitious ideas into epic experiences for our players.

In this role, you will partner with engineers, QA teams, publishing partners, and live operations to establish timelines, align tasking with project goals, track and balance workloads, and help our WoW Classic team maintain its commitment to quality. Our producers bring a critical element to the development process by coordinating with individuals of all disciplines, fostering effective and open communication across the teams, and directing features from inception to launch.

Every voice matters with the World of Warcraft team and we are eager for yours to join us in discussing and solving the exciting challenges that come with supporting the highly successful World of Warcraft: Classic.

This is a full-time position at our office in Irvine, California.


  • Motivate and support your team and contribute to a positive work environment
  • Guide the completion of project goals and facilitate communication, organization, and process improvement across all departments
  • Own the day-to-day tasking and scheduling for engineering teams and gameplay features
  • Effectively communicate with developers of all disciplines
  • Identify roadblocks and project risks and be involved in finding solutions
  • Collaborate with team leadership and other producers to keep World of Warcraft: Classic operating smoothly for our players
  • Help make informed decisions in conjunction with team leads on work methods, development pipeline, priorities, and available people
  • Work with team leads to make decisions on priorities, development pipelines, work methodologies, and resource allocation.
  • Facilitate team and department meetings to reach decisions effectively


  • 5+ years of game production experience
  • Familiar with game development processes and pipelines
  • Able to work with team leads and directors to align priorities
  • Experience tracking a complex project and providing support to clear blocking issues
  • Strong project and people management skills
  • Calm and deliberate within a highly dynamic, fast-paced environment
  • Unrelenting self-motivation and initiative
  • The ability to remove ambiguities in communications and planning by refining them with more detail
  • Passion for video games


  • Proficient with Jira and Confluence
  • Passion for game development and MMO games
  • Significant knowledge of World of Warcraft gameplay and systems
  • Experience with software engineering