MetroLink Operator

MetroLink St Louis, Missouri


Metrolink Operator



To comply with Section 64 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, selected employees will not be able to withdraw after 10 workdays following the start of training.  Any LRV operator who voluntarily withdraws from LRV Operator training will not be eligible for LRV Operator training for a period of two (2) years.  Any LRV Operator who voluntarily withdraws from LRV Training for a second or subsequent times will not be allowed to bid on LRV positions for a period of five (5) years following each withdrawal.  Employees who successfully pass the training will be awarded LRV Operator jobs in the order of their seniority as vacancies occur.




Operates Agency trains consisting of light rail vehicles (LRVs), assuming responsibility for the safety of Agency customers and equipment; performs routine vehicle inspections to ensure proper operation (such as pre-service radio check, lamp test, cab signal test, cycling of doors, mirror adjustment and check of destination signs, etc.).Communicates appropriate information to customers, supervisors, and other designated to receive such information.  Answers inquiries from customers and others.  Activates switches to ensure proper routing, may oversee or verify proper payment of fares; works following Agency transportation guidelines, operating rules and procedures.




  1.                 Follows Agency transportation guidelines, operating rules and procedures.
  2.                 Inspects, prepares for operation, and/or reports vehicle defects found during routine vehicle inspection, to ensure safe and serviceable conditions. Reports these problems or defects to the appropriate authority.
  3.                 Operates LRV in revenue service in a safe manner in accordance with operating rules and procedures, maintaining appropriate speed and distance from preceding vehicles, boards and de-boards passengers. Makes and breaks up train consists; operates trains in non-revenue service on line and in yards and shops, through car washer and during maintenance, testing and inspections. Performs operations necessary to restore movement by trouble-shooting problem conditions. Trains other employees in LRV operations.
  4.                 Performs routine vehicle inspections to ensure proper operation (such as pre-service radio check, lamp test, cab signal test, cycling of doors, mirror adjustment and check of destination signs, etc.).
  5.                 Answers customer inquiries and maintains a courteous and friendly demeanor with all Bi-State customers. Announces all special and station stops; provides proper information to customers requesting same; makes special announcements as requested.                      
  6.                 Notifies Central Control of any emergency situations on or near right-of-way (ROW) or of service disruption, requesting appropriate additional instruction or assistance as required.
  7.                 Communicates to customers and the Operations Control Center appropriate information in the event of a need to evacuate an LRV or train and then oversees the safe and orderly evacuation of the vehicle(s).  Endeavors to control such an evacuation and safeguard customers in accordance with prescribed emergency procedures.
  8.                 Issues emergency transfers and guides/assists customers to access alternate bus service in the event of a service disruption. Performs flagging duties during emergency situations such as collisions, derailments or vehicle breakdowns.
  9.                 Activates switches, electrically or manually, as circumstances may warrant, to ensure correct routing.
  10.             May oversee or verify proper payment of fares. If fare boxes are utilized, operates and monitors registering farebox equipment and records any or all passengers and revenue information relative to the farebox.
  11.             Maintains knowledge of the Bi-State bus and light rail system in order to provide routine information and direction to our customers.
  12.             Produces written reports of witnessed incidents as well as accidents, incidents and unusual conditions in which there has been direct or indirect involvement or that affect the movement of trains or the condition of Agency property.
  13.             Operates LRVs through vehicle washing machinery and to proper location in the yard; closes windows prior to entering wash area; opens and closes vehicle windows as required for customer comfort.
  14.             Notifies and turns in to proper authority all lost articles found on the LRV.
  15.             Reports observed defects and unsafe condition regarding tracks, switches and related equipment while operating LRVs, and other conditions that may affect the safe movement of trains.


Knowledge and Skills


  1.                 Ability to communicate orally with customers and supervisor; ability to read and understand training materials, operating manuals and operating and safety rules directives; ability to prepare clear written reports of incidents and accidents.
  2.                 Maintain good customer relations.
  3.                 No more than one (1) preventable accident in the twenty-four (24) months immediately preceding bid on LRV Operator job.
  4.                 Possession of a current valid Commercial Driver’s License.
  5.                 Ability to perform the physical requirement of job.
  6.                 Successful completion of training program and post-training qualification period.