Riverboat Captain | Full-time

Gateway Arch and Riverboat Cruises St Louis, Missouri


Riverboat Captain | Full-time ($30.14/hr)


Ensure an attractive, safe, clean, and secure vessel by supervising the efforts of the deck crew in maintaining the vessel and its equipment in a systematic manner. Exceed guest expectations by actively engaging with guests, ensuring guest safety, and making sure needs are met while on the cruise. 

Essential Outcomes

  • Operate the vessel in compliance with all U.S. Coast Guard regulations, company policies and good marine practice.
  • Use prudent judgment in safely navigating the vessel in varying weather conditions, river stages, and harbor traffic.
  • Provide a safe, clean, and secure vessel by properly supervising the mate, deckhands, and other members of the crew.
  • Provide an enjoyable experience for riverboat guests.
  • Conduct periodic drills and routine inspections of all areas of the vessel and the vessel’s equipment to ensure safe operating.
  • Maintain the vessel’s logbook and submit cruise reports daily. 
  • Report equipment problems, personnel problems, unusual issues, and passenger complaints/suggestions to supervisor regularly.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Excellent interpersonal skills to handle sensitive or difficult employee relations issues. Extensive customer service skills. Ability to understand the technical and operational aspect of the jobs held by employees. Ability to problem solve and make decisions quickly during emergency situations. Demonstrated public speaking ability. Demonstrated ability in safe navigation of a vessel in congested waters. Excellent organizational skills. Ability to read, and understand technical manuals, and Coast Guard rules/regulations.




Coast Guard License (Master of 100 tons) required. First aid training required. High School diploma required.


Minimum three (3) to five (5) years on passenger vessel as Master or equivalent required. Minimum three (3) years of supervisory/management experience required.


Marine Operations




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