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Facility Electrician



Full-time employment opportunity with a dynamic and multi-faceted resource for economic development in the St. Louis region.

About Us


Since 1950, we have partnered with private and public organizations on hundreds of projects that have created thousands of jobs on both sides of the Mississippi River.


BSD operates with a focus on making a positive impact on the region and the nation, better connecting the Bi-State area to the rest of the world. We are impacting neighborhoods, large and small, in Illinois and in Missouri, with investments that are shaped by our unique perspective of the region and its potential.


Why Work Here


  • Work for a company that strives to make a positive impact in the region
  • Earn competitive salary
  • Free access to 9 gyms at our facilities 24-7
  • Wellness program that provides free health screenings
  • Free MetroLink and MetroBus access
  • Medical, Dental, Vision coverage
  • Employee assistance program
  • Bi-State Development is an eligible employer for the Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness Program


The Role


Installs, maintains and repairs facility wiring, electrical fixtures, equipment, motors and lighting in all Metro facilities and transit properties. Shall be proficient with hand tools and shall troubleshoot electrical equipment and wiring with the aid of test equipment such as ohmmeter, ampmeter, or voltage testers. Assists in the maintenance and repair of other electrical systems of the Metro Link light rail system during emergencies and service disruptions.



  1. Installs, inspects, maintains, repairs and provides diagnostic analysis of facility electrical systems in all Metro facilities and transit properties, including but not limited to: wiring, lighting, motors, power distribution, power disconnect equipment, HVAC systems, and maintenance equipment.
  2. Responds to calls for service to diagnose and correct emergencies involving Metro electrical systems on a twenty-four(24) hour basis.
  3. Operates various vehicles and equipment associated with the maintenance and repair of the Metro electrical systems both on the road and on rail.
  4. Activation and deactivation of facility and station electrical systems, and assists in activation and deactivation of other electrical systems during emergencies and service disruptions.
  5. Assists in the maintenance and repair of wayside signal and train control systems and highway grade crossing warning systems of the MetroLink light rail system during emergencies and service disruptions.
  6. Assists in the maintenance and repair of traction power systems of the MetroLink light rail system during emergencies and service disruptions.
  7. Trims trees, bushes and shrubs on Metro Property and electrical systems including, but not limited to, high voltage wire, transformers, and switchgear.



Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities


  1. Considerable experience as a fully qualified electrician with experience maintaining facility electrical systems.
  2. Prior to being interviewed for a job, applicant must successfully pass mechanical, high voltage electrical and electronic aptitude examinations, which will include testing the ability to understand plans, schematics, operating and service manuals, and the ability to a maintain and trouble shoot electrical systems.
  3. Ability to perform the duties of the job safely, efficiently and in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations without direct supervision, including the ability to operate required vehicles or equipment.
  4. Must successfully pass the rules and safety examinations of their division (MOW or VMD), within the qualification period, and annually as required. Must observe all applicable Operating Rules, Safety Rules, Operating Procedures, and Work Instructions in the exercise of their duties.
  5. Ability to obtain certification in CPR, First Aid and other safety practices.
  6. License: Possession of a current, Missouri or Illinois valid Class A commercial Driver’s License and all required endorsements.
  7. Medical and Physical Requirements: Ability to perform the physical requirements of the job. Successful completion of a DOT Physical.
  8. During severe weather conditions, including torrential rain, hail, and/or lightning, employees shall not be required to perform work on equipments or circuits energized at 600V or above except in emergencies and until properly trained. Training and required PPE will be provided by Agency.
  9. When working on energized high voltage (600V or greater) equipment, two (2) employees shall be assigned where safety is a concern. Metro will provide required PPE equipment.
  10. Successful completion of training program and post-training qualification period for their respective job class.




This position will be filled internally subject to the requirements and procedures established for the acceptance of bids on a particular jobs as set out in the collective bargaining agreement.


Work hours: 600am - 230pm

Day off: Sat & Sun





Degree: High School degree or G.E.D. required







 Bi-State Development is committed to providing an Equal Employment Opportunity experience for all employees, applicants, vendors and customers with an environment free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.