Mate (Sr. Deckhand), Riverboats at the Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch and Riverboat Cruises St Louis, Missouri


Mate (Sr. Deckhand), Riverboats at the Gateway Arch ($23.19/hr + $500 Hiring Incentive)



The primary focus of this position is to maintain the presence, equipment, machinery and operation of the Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher riverboats to ensure a safe, clean and enjoyable experience for guests. This position is part of the U.S. Coast Guard required operational and emergency crew. Additionally, this position must act as the vessel security officer and take full command of the vessel if the Riverboat Captain is not available. 

Essential Outcomes

  • Under the Riverboat Captain’s direction, ensure that a safe boarding/departure and arrival/disembarkation is accomplished by greeting the passengers with a friendly and cheerful attitude, ensuring an accurate passenger count is taken, and properly handling of the gangway, bow gates, side doors, and mooring lines.
  • Maintain highest standards of competence, professionalism, personal grooming and personal conduct to guests, employees, regulators, and management staff.
  • Memorize and carry out the assignments on the Emergency Check List. Know the location and operation of all the safety equipment, including fire extinguishers, fire and bilge pumps, fire hoses, emergency lights, first aid supplies and rescue equipment. Know the locations of all lifejackets and how to assist passengers in properly donning the life jackets. Be the person in charge at the scene for drills or an actual emergency.
  • Participate in drills to maintain a high state of readiness to respond to fire, man overboard, collision, grounding, flooding, abandon ship, medical incidents and other emergencies.
  • Maintain the mechanical condition of the vessel involving the plumbing, electrical, HVAC and pumps, as required.  Items requiring repair or maintenance above skill level are to be reported to the Riverboat Captain and referred to the Marine Operations Manager for action.
  • Responsible for maintaining, checking, and logging fuel levels, portable water tank, sewage tank, batteries, hull compartments, and machinery oil and coolant levels in order to keep the vessel prepared for getting underway at all times.
  • Responsible for informing the Riverboat Captain of all conditions regarding the vessel, including weather, traffic, vessel equipment, passengers and crew. Must report daily conditions of firefighting, bilge pumping, and safety equipment to Riverboat Captain. Must log appropriate machinery data hourly for any equipment in operation.
  • Wear the proper uniform and be well groomed at all times. When handling lines or working outside the rail, a work vest or personal flotation device shall be worn.
  • Responsible for the cleanliness and safety of the vessel inside and outside.  Responsible for removal of trash, and cleaning of windows, rest rooms, carpets, tables, chairs, Pilot house, decks and guards.  These areas must be kept clean at all times.
  • Properly supervise, delegate, instruct and assist deckhands in the performance of routine duties and assigned tasks
  • Train, coach and guide deckhands to become mates. This includes monitoring/modifying performance and ensuring that deckhands follow current U.S. Coast Guard rules and regulations.
  • Provide assistance to any other department in need, i.e. washing dishes, loading of food and beverage product on to vessels, serving food, etc.
  • Perform all duties assigned in a professional, efficient and timely manner. Comply and enforce all policies and procedures of the Riverboats at the Gateway Arch.
  • Mandatory work holidays: Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July, Labor Day weekend, New Year’s Eve; although we attempt to be as flexible as possible in scheduling, it is difficult to receive time off around the holidays.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

United States Coast Guard Certifications: Ability to satisfy Coast Guard requirements to be designated as a Senior Deckhand by proving navigation skills, including docking and undocking of the vessel, and demonstrated knowledge of all emergency procedures Excellent Communication Skills: effectively convey information and possess good public speaking skills Leadership Skills: Possess exceptional supervisory and training skills Knowledge of Facilities Management: Knowledge of safe and prudent operation of a vessel; mechanical relationships and the operation of all the vessel’s equipment. Time Management Skills: effectively managing own and others’ time First-Aid Skills: Ability to respond to First Aid and accurately follow orders Initiative: Ability to make decisions independently, take charge, and direct others in emergency situations Knowledge of Rules and Regulations: Ability to understand good seamanship rules, Rules of the Road, technical manuals, and U.S. Coast Guard rules and regulations Facilities Management: Ability to routinely check machinery, haul hoses and moor lines in all types of weather conditions during the daylight and night in confined, noisy, and hot spaces. Physical Requirements:  Ability to stand four (4) hours and walk four (4) hours in an eight-hour day. Ability to routinely bend, stretch, crawl, climb, kneel, and lift heavy objects (over 50 pounds). Ability to physically participate in all Coast Guard drills.


  • All employees receive a FREE Metro Transit pass. Good for unlimited rides on MetroLink and MetroBus.
  • Parking Discount at local garage 
  • Discount at Arch Cafe 
  • Discount at Paddlewheel Cafe 
  • Discount at JNPA Stores 
  • 2 St. Louis Riverfront Cruise tickets 
  • BOGO Discount for Skyline Dinner cruise




High School diploma or GED is required. Must have completed first aid training and attended an approved fire-fighting course.


One year’s experience as a deckhand or hold a Coast Guard License as Master or Mate.






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