Facility Maintenance Manager

Gateway Arch and Riverboat Cruises St Louis, Missouri


Facility Maintenance Manager


Responsible for ensuring effective operations of the Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher Riverboats, marine maintenance practices, and navigation scheduling. Oversee inspections and implement United State Coast Guard (USCG) regulations. Perform and coordinate maintenance as needed for the Riverboat dock facility, Becky Thatcher and Tom Sawyer Riverboats, company assets and Heliport Barge. Provide leadership and guidance within the Marine Operations business function to foster a continuous improvement culture focused on loss reduction, employee engagement and improve reliability and extend asset life. 

Essential Outcomes

  • Ensure on-going compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements including the USCG, Army Corp of Engineers, Department of Homeland Security, St. Louis Port Authority, St. Louis Health Department, and other federal, state, and local agencies.
  • Develop employees through selection, training, and coaching.
  • Conduct employee evaluations annually.
  • Serve on Harbor Security committee and review regulations for safety and security of vessels in the harbor for the purpose of following Maritime Security regulations.
  • Participate in developing the maintenance budget to support maintenance strategy.
  • Oversee scope and budget of various projects related to riverboat improvements/upgrades.
  • Position three wharf barges to ensure that they coincide with river stages.
  • Help implement new technologies and technical infrastructure for the facility as needed.
  • Conduct environmental awareness training.
  • In accordance with USCG regulations, conduct annual inspections and conduct emergency drills monthly.
  • Consult regularly with USCG officials to ensure that all Riverboat activities/upgrades are compliant with regulations.
  • Develop maintenance skill sets, perform equipment repairs, and develop procedures and processes to improve asset availability.
  • Develop and maintain preventative and corrective maintenance of facility, assets and Riverboats.
  • Create technical troubleshooting flow paths and techniques.
  • Ensure repairs, repair techniques, and vessel specific training are documented and made available.
  • Serve as a subject matter expert in vessel maintenance failures and repair techniques during root cause investigation.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities 

Excellent Communication Skills: ability to convey information effectively orally and in writing. Excellent interpersonal skills: ability to interact effectively with others including listening and understanding. Coordination: communicating with others to understand the goals and plans of other units and to allow adjustment of activities. Industry knowledge: knowledge of routine and preventative maintenance planning/scheduling, ability to perform and or analyze required and routine mechanical problems/familiarity with passenger vessel, hospitality, and tourism industries. Managerial skills: planning, coordinating, and leading others in carrying out plans and objectives. Financial planning: ability to develop budgets and financial objectives by reviewing financial data. Judgment and Decision-making: ability to gather and weigh significant information to make decisions regarding most efficient use of vessels and resources. Knowledge of facilities management: knowledge of principles and methods involved in maintaining, repairing, and replacing facilities and systems. Knowledge of U.S.C.G Code of Federal Regulations: knowledge of rules and regulation for inland waterways passenger vessels. Customer Service: knowledge of principles and processes for providing excellent customer service. Time management skills: effectively managing own and others’ time. Outcome-orientation: accountable for results of efforts and activities, concern for goal achievement. Initiative: ability to work independently to develop and implement new business strategies, policies and procedures. Technology: knowledge in the use of Microsoft Office Suite tools. Ability to learn ticketing software and other software as needed United States Coast Guard certifications: Ability to obtain USCG certifications for Deckhand, Mate, and/or Captain positions. Work hours: Ability to work non-traditional schedule including nights and weekend




B.A./B.S required.


Minimum 5 years required. In lieu of degree, equivalent work experience of 10 years required.


Management, Facilities Management, or related fields


Marine Operations Management, Facilities Management, or related fields.

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