Loop Trolley Mechanic Full Time

Loop Trolley St. Louis, Missouri


Loop Trolley Mechanic Full Time


The Role


Performs skilled services involving the inspection, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of all electrical, mechanical and pneumatic equipment on trolley vehicles.  Operates diagnostic test equipment, solving complex equipment malfunctions and other problems.  Applies principles/techniques as applied to rail car equipment and maintains up-to-date knowledge of trolley maintenance techniques.  Works under limited supervision, operates equipment necessary for the repair and maintenance of Trolley Rail Vehicles (TRV); maintains, logs and completes reports relating to job functions.




  • Duties include performing preventative and corrective maintenance through inspecting, servicing, calibrating, aligning, repairing, and diagnosis of all systems and subsystems including: high and/or low voltage electrical and mechanical systems such as propulsion, printed circuit boards, amplifiers, logic gates, operation of thyristor, various applications of capacitors, relay switches and logic, static converter, motors, air brakes, compressors, trucks, wheels, axles, and other systems to ensure optimum operating efficiency consistent with design and management of requirements.
  • Conducts routine inspection for major repairs, overhaul and preventive maintenance.
  • Uses and operates various types of equipment including hand tools, power tools, measuring tools, diagnostic test equipment such as voltmeters, ohmmeters, fixtures, cranes, and any other specialized test or maintenance equipment necessary for the maintenance and repair of the trolleys.
  • Maintains up-to-date knowledge of electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical principles as applied to trolley equipment and interprets technical publications, blueprints, source code manuals, wiring and circuit diagrams, etc. so as to be able to determine the cause of problems and to make corrective repairs.
  • Responsible for completing thorough equipment reports and records.
  • Solves unusual and complex equipment malfunctions; performs necessary repairs.
  • Operates special equipment not limited to re-railing equipment and portable jacks and other related duties as required.
  • Upon successful completion of a limited operations examination, move TRVs in the yard(s) and shop(s) necessary for maintenance, etc. Such movements will require the operation of switches either manually or via control apparatuses.
  • Operates trucks, high rail vehicles and similar equipment; pulls trailers.
  • Knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and electronic theory and principles.
  • Knowledge and understanding of maintenance and repair techniques acquired through experience as a skilled mechanic.
  • Ability to work under limited supervision.
  • Must maintain required training and certifications (including but not limited to Commercial Driver’s License) and essential tests for the safe operations and maintenance of trains (including tier training certifications, re-rail equipment training, and hi-rail equipment training).
  • Must provide his/her tools.
  • Ability to perform physical requirements of the job.              







Degree: High school diploma or GED required..









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