A place where you can be yourself.

Welcome to Bayzland!

Welcome to Bayzland!
Welcome to Bayzland!
Welcome to Bayzland!
Welcome to Bayzland!
Welcome to Bayzland!
Welcome to Bayzland!
Welcome to Bayzland!
Welcome to Bayzland!
Welcome to Bayzland!
Welcome to Bayzland!
Welcome to Bayzland!

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Customer Success


Human Resources





Our principles

Our Principles


Get shit done


Value debate over


Initiate necessary,
radically-truthful dialogue


Always be the closest
to our customers


Being the best is temporary,
becoming better is permanent

Our perks

Career Acceleration

No matter what your field, we believe that constant progression is essential to help you achieve long-term goals. You can expect regular performance feedback, opportunities to stretch yourself beyond daily tasks, support from leaders, and mobility & growth through promotions.


If you are scaling your commitment to Bayzat, you might as well be a shareholder. We set aside shares for those who demonstrate the highest level of potential & excellence. You can also be a shareholder through our Employee Stock Option Program.

Diversity & Inclusion

We can sing the national anthems of 27 different countries! Bayzat’s team members come from a variety of cultures, viewpoints and backgrounds. We believe more diversity means more innovation. Want to join our band?

Recognition & Reward

Healthy competition can spur individuals and teams to achieve great things. We take pride in recognizing outstanding performances and contributions, and it’s a great reason for us to celebrate each year at Bayzland.

Bayzat changed my outlook and made me understand HR as the heart of every business. What’s amazing is that I don’t just feel like a sales professional here, but also a part of an idea that’s made a difference to companies and individuals alike

Sonia Castelino
Technology Sales Manager

So much to get involved in has enriched my knowledge and made this experience an interesting challenge. Having honest and timely feedback helped me grow and improve. The place I always want to be - Bayzat

Tareq Sabri
Finance Controller

The moment I walked through the doors, I realized that I simply belonged here. It’s an environment that is charismatic, energetic and magnetic!

Obsitu Ahemed
Sales Development Analyst

I love working on products. There's no better feeling than delivering a feature that brings an immediate business value to our clients. That's what we do.

Bernard Lange
Senior Frontend Developer

It's amazing to wake up in the morning excited to go to work. Each day brings new challenges. A combination of the support of colleagues (who are also friends), a deep interest in the work, and a "get it done" culture motivates you to not only meet these challenges but exceed expectations.

Kendall Beirouti
Customer Success Manager

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