Physician (MD/DO) Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Position at AppleGate Recovery

The Part-Time Addiction Medicine Physician will serve as a Program Physician for AppleGate’s clinic in Baton, Rouge, LA.  Physician shall exercise independent professional judgment in the conduct of any activities that may reasonably be considered to constitute the practice of medicine while performing professional services to AppleGate’s clinic in Monroe, LA.

The Part Time Physician shall provide patient care, medical evaluation, establish dosing levels, and interact as necessary with federal, state, county and other regulatory bodies.  The Physician may also train and manage subordinate physician extenders and provide health care services directly to patients all under the administrative direction of the Administrator of AppleGate’s clinic in Baton Rouge, LA.  For all activities that constitute the practice of medicine the Physician shall work with AppleGate’s National Program Physician or Physician Consultant.