Java Programmer

Engineering Mildura, Victoria

Statistics Estonia and Nortal are linked by almost a decade of cooperation. In the bigger picture, the basic processes of Statistics Estonia consist of data acquisition, organisation, analysis and the publication of the results. One of the client’s most important goals is REGREL2020 i.e. the next population and housing census, which the client is planning to carry out on a fundamentally different basis – this plan does not require residents of Estonia to answer individual questions themselves, but instead, the data will be gathered from a number of national registries. The achievement of this goal will require, amongst other things, interfacing with at least 15 external registries and gathering data for further processing. Our information systems are designed and being designed with the prerequisite of achieving this goal.

Technical Challenges

  • Data volumes – Statistics Estonia collects and analyses data from many different sources, and the most frequently used and largest volumes of data are personal and corporate data. The systems must be powerful enough to handle large data volumes, which in turn require well-optimised query and data-use processes.
  • Increased intensity of use at specific times, a good example of which would be the population census. There are hundreds of censuses of various sizes taking place year-round – as a result, both the authentication solution as well as the data reception application must be able to withstand the loads.
  • Many complex synergised applications – Statistics Estonia has built its business processes on several different, larger information systems, all of which must communicate with each other regularly. An important aspect is integration. 
  • Ensuring data security – data collected for the publication of statistics is often classified as sensitive information, and thus there is an important role for ensuring data security.
  • Clear vision – developments are based on architectural plans, which are updated according to emerging world trends. The plan is to create new applications, and connected with this are many decisions that are still on the table. The door is still open to useful ideas and proposals! 
  • Some technological keywords: Atlassian, Bamboo, Maven, Weblogic, Java, Oracle, PL/SQL, X-road, CAS. 

Why working with us is awesome:

  • We’ll help you quickly settle in to your new environment and find self-realisation here. Although Nortal is a large company, our management structure is simple, transparent, and supports development. Our friendly management will not leave any worry unsolved or any pleasure unshared. 
  • We offer many opportunities for self-development through challenging work and a variety of internal  and external training courses. Nortal helps experienced specialists to attend seminars and conferences in Estonia, Europe, and throughout the world.
  • Nortalists are multi-skilled individuals. Regardless of whether you’re a musician, a biker, or a fan of football or curling, you’ll find someone here who shares your passions. 
  • In addition to our competitive salary and bonus systems, our motivation package includes over 30 discounts to improve professional development as well as the most important events in our team members’ personal lives.
  • Courses and conferences for programmers in Estonia: GeekOut, Topconf, AgileSaturday; and abroad: Devox, Jfokus, Qcon, GOTO, JavaOne, JavaZone, JAX, Build Stuff, DevConFu, ng-europe, Web Application Security. In addition, the programmers’ commune operates within the company, where joint events and ventures are organised, such as “developers in the forest” and Uncle Bob video evenings. In addition, there is the opportunity to take part in hands-on courses on topics such as Javascript, Test Driven Development, Google Chrome DevTools, Lightning talks etc.

Estonian language skills are required to apply for this position.