Merchandise Specialist - Bike Warranty

Fulfillment West Valley City, Utah

Position at Backcountry

POSITION TITLE: Merchandise Specialist - Bike Warranty


The Merchandise Specialist - Bike Warranty is responsible for determining and coordinating warranties between customers and vendors for bikes and bike parts.  This person is responsible for assessing warranty issues, communicating and updating customers on warranties and aiding in bike returns in general.


  • Respond to all emails in a 24 hour (business days) period
  • Review all bike warranty cases to determine if the issue is warranty, user error, or crash replacement
  • Obtain all pertinent information from customers to submit and process warranty claims
  • Keep customers informed with timely updates with all pertinent information regarding their claims
  • Set up warranty SKUs, receive SKUs, and create orders for customers
  • Locate and ship parts that were missing or damaged on new bike orders
  • Ship bad products to vendors in exchange for credit or replacement parts
  • Create JIRA and manage JIRA tickets for warranty claims
  • Add warranty/replacement items into inventory as needed
  • Maintain a clean and tidy work area
  • Assist in training as needed


  • Assist with eBay and downgrades as needed
  • Oversee department and coordinate work in the absence of the Product Solutions Manager


  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • 2 or more years of fulfillment experience in returns or downgrades; preferably min of 1 year with Backcountry
  • Excellent working knowledge of all current Bike Products and parts as well as associated soft goods
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite including Outlook, Word, Excel.
  • Knowledge of Google Drive, Docs and Sheets