Cannabis Fulfillment Tech

Inventory Pottsville, Pennsylvania


Position at Ayr Wellness


 To assist the logistics manager, logistics lead & Fulfillment Lead with the packaging and preparations for transportation of cannabis infused products. This includes using MJ Freeway and Leaf Logics to pick and orders, label products.


Current Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Print out Leaf Logics orders, find associated batches and prep the packages for delivery.
  2. Double check that all MJ manifests for correct batch, lot numbers, and counts.
  3. Assure that all products are compliant according to PA state regulations.
  4. Organize and clean vault.
  5. Relay inventory discrepancies to the fulfillment lead.
  6. Create Data labels for use on the outside of the trays and to place on any that were missed in the packaging process.
  7. Create address labels for each dispensary to place on each unit allocated.
  8. Follow fulfillment SOP to assure that orders are completed in an efficient manner.
  9. Be flexible to fill certain positions, if need be, including packaging, harvest, cultivation, and trim.
  10. Come in as early as needed and stay late to make sure that all deliveries are filled and ready to go out with the trucks the next day.
  11. Complete all tasks assigned by management.
  12. Must be 21 years or older.