Sr. Software Engineer - Authentication & Identity

Engineering Seattle, Washington

Job Duties 

  • Ability to design and code complex solutions
  • Understand and plan upstream and downstream impacts of software changes
  • Develop from the perspective of an attacker and demonstrate every way something could go wrong
  • Sketch out your own test cases in the planning phase
  • Write integration tests and unit tests
  • Collaborate with team members on code reviews and test plans
  • Work with product management and subject matter experts to ensure that each feature is useful for the target audience and easy for them to understand 
  • Design solid data models and make effective use of database technology
  • Constantly seek out ways to do a better job and improve automation


  • Computer science degree or equivalent
  • A deep understanding of security information security concepts, secure software software & DevOps lifecycles
  • Experience with PKI, X.509, principles of cryptography, and key exchange protocols
  • Experience with Identity and Access Management technologies including OpenID Connect and SAML
  • Experience in leveraging Cloud services (like AWS, Google Cloud or Azure) in an automated way
  • Familiar with containerization technologies (Docker, Kubernetes, ECS)
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Minimum of 3+ years of experience in a software development role, shipping complex applications to large scale production environments
  • Passionate in solving complex problems and delivering elegant solutions
  • Mastery of at least one language (C#, Java, C++)
Preferred Qualifications
  • Development experience in multiple programming languages with a preference in C#
  • Experience in using Terraform for defining and deploying infrastructure as code
  • Experience with .NET Core development
  • Experience in both front end and back end development
  • Experience implementing SSO for CIAM solutions across a broad portfolio of products
  • Experience standing up and operating a private X.509 Certificate Authority