Packaging Operator

Packaging Operations Lawrenceville, New Jersey




Position: Packaging operator

Educational Qualification: Minimum High School




  1. This Employee is responsible to ensure that the packaging line and the equipment’s on packaging line are clean and set up properly.  Also to ensure quality produced finished product is according to Production Batch Record instructions.
  2. Follow company policies, cGMP’s and Standard Operating Procedures.
  3. Clean and/or disassemble packaging line and equipment’s e.g. Unscrambeler, Liquid filling machine, capper, induction sealer, retorquer, labeler, shrink wrap after the completion of packaging process as per SOP.
  4. Clean manufacturing room after the completion of product run as per SOP.
  5. Set up packaging line and equipment’s, including startup of batch and obtaining all packaging specifications.
  6. Maintain packaging line and equipment’s in good working order, inspect packaging line and equipment’s for wear, and have any worn or malfunctioning parts evaluated and reported to Production Supervisor or Manager.
  7. Maintain tools and supplies in proper condition.
  8. Make any machine adjustments necessary during the packaging run as required.
  9. Document all set up and cleaning in the log book and other pertinent paperwork.
  10. Visually inspect the equipment’s as it is running to verify the equipment’s are running within normal and safe operation.
  11. Perform in process checks during packaging process and document in Packaging Batch Record as per instruction of packaging batch record.
  12. Make sure all paperwork is complete and accurate throughout and after run.
  13. Perform any and all additional tasks relating to the operation of the packaging/production department as requested.
  14. Must frequently lift and/or move up to 20 pounds and occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds.




Work experience:  Prefer minimum one (1) year of work experience in a pharmaceutical or related manufacturing environment.

 Skills, knowledge and abilities: - A demonstrated ability to follow written instructions precisely and perform basic math calculations is required.

Should have an understanding/knowledge of cGMP, safety criteria or the ability to learn.