Ashoka Thailand Country Director

Country Representative Bangkok, Thailand


Position at Ashoka

Ashoka is the global pioneer of social entrepreneurship. We have built the world’s largest network of leading social entrepreneurs. These leading social entrepreneurs create new, pattern-changing ideas to solve seemingly intractable challenges and act as key role models and recruiters for changemakers. They point us to the next frontiers of change in society and inspire the ideas that shape Ashoka’s strategies.

Ashoka is on an audacious mission – to create a world where everyone is a changemaker i.e. a world where everyone has the agency and skills to make a positive change in their families, communities, and at work. It is only in such a world where the solutions will outrun our social problems. With its global network of over 3,500 leading social entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows) in 90 countries, 10,000 youth ventures, 180+ changemaker schools and 30+ changemaker campuses – as well as with its community of 20,000+ innovators on – Ashoka empowers people with the skills to create and drive solutions for the good of all, and helps build and evolve enabling environments to help them thrive in a world of constant change.
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About Ashoka Thailand
Ashoka Thailand was launched in 1989, as the fourth country office after India, Indonesia, and Brazil. Since then, it has elected and supported more than 100 leading social entrepreneurs in the fields of education, health, human rights, civic engagement, environment, and economic development. Ashoka Thailand has also been working with other social networks, universities and companies to accelerate the field of social entrepreneurship, changemaking and social impact.

The Opportunity
We at Ashoka are facing a historical moment. For generations, society has followed a siloed, hierarchical approach to solving challenges and has been defined by repetitive efficiency (think assembly line). But this approach is falling short when it comes to the number and complexity of the shared problems we now face. So a new game is taking shape – one where change is the norm, and where the most open, fluid systems and teams thrive. In this game the rules are different (in fact they are still being created!) but one is paramount: everyone can and must be able to play, and to drive positive change. This is the ‘Everyone A Changemaker’ vision that Ashoka is working toward and it is our best hope for building a world where problems no longer outrun solutions. We have a powerful opportunity for an imaginative, collaborative entrepreneur. Ashoka Thailand is looking for a Country Director to lead how Ashoka Thailand organizes around mindset shifting. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to contribute to the future of Ashoka Thailand.


  • Build Ashoka’s changemaking programs of supporting “system-changing” social entrepreneurs
  • Grow Ashoka’s youth change-making programs
  • Build partnerships with partners from variety of fields in order to achieve transformative scale and increase awareness about an “Everyone a Changemaker” world
  • Integrate the “Everyone a changemaker” vision into Ashoka Thailand’s operation
  • Advance EACH vision in Thailand using Ashoka’s resources, networks, and fellowship
  • Develop strategy and build a strong team for Ashoka Thailand
  • Oversee Ashoka Thailand’s operation (building team of teams, finance, and legal)
  • Fundraise for Ashoka Thailand’s strategy
  • Coordinate closely with the Ashoka team in Southeast Asia and globally.

  • Bachelor degree in any field with strong passion for social change
  • Strong knowledge about social sector or social entrepreneurship
  • Have Thai nationality with excellent level of communication both in Thai and in English
  • At least 10 years of experience including some in social impact space, whether in a profit or non-profit setting
  • Demonstrated problem solving creativity by starting or transforming an organization
  • Have played the lead entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial role in creating or co-creating organizations initiatives that have achieved impact, financial sustainability and scale
  • Have excellent leadership skills to lead/manage a dynamic team and displayed effectiveness with people from all level of societies
  • Be familiar with legal, finance and policy requirement in Thailand

Ashoka’s hiring criteria

Entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship : demonstrate a track record of taking creative initiative and ownership (e.g. founding an organization or a company, starting a movement, or reshaping the work of existing organization).

Understand deeply the vision of Everyone a Changemaker : understand and articulate Ashoka’s vision, have a broad inquisitive intellect and thinking patterns that connect the dots between historical trends and current social context.

Emotional and social intelligence : demonstrate ability to work effectively and respectfully in teams.

Ethical fiber : possess exceptionally strong ethical fiber.

Self-definition : Assume that changing the world in big ways is what you will do in life.

Contact details
If this role sounds like an exciting challenge, please send your resume or LinkedIn profile along with a cover letter to Varistha Nakornthap ([email protected]).