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Ashoka Global Higher Education Lead

Founded in 1980, Ashoka is the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs. Over the past 40 years, we have supported more than 3500 Ashoka Fellows as leading social entrepreneurs in 90 countries. Our work is based on a fundamental insight: Behind every social innovation, there are human beings. Supporting the best of them, and connecting them with a network of peers, is the most effective way to bring about social change.  Our vision is a world where everyone is a changemaker – a world where everyone has the skill and confidence to drive social change and is committed to the good of all.

Higher Education - In 2008, Ashoka launched Ashoka U to engage, support, and partner with higher education institutions to embed social innovation and changemaking education into their DNA. Since then, Ashoka U has:

  • Selected 40+ Changemaker Campuses as exemplars and field leaders for campus-wide excellence for social innovation and changemaking, positioning them as key partners with Ashoka for achieving an Everyone a Changemaker World.
  • Cultivated a community of over 4,000 educators, students, Ashoka Fellows, and innovators who are all committed to ensuring that changemaking continues to be a core component of higher education through the annual Ashoka U Exchange and the Connect online community.

In 2020 Ashoka U underwent a significant evolution in strategy and operating model to better meet the needs (and challenges) of higher education, shifting from a centralized, programmatic model to a decentralized network focused on spreading ideas, enabling the leadership of our partners, and building direct collaborations with Ashoka leadership, Country Offices, and programs.

Global Higher Education Lead (GHEL) - Ashoka is looking for a leader to drive forward this new model for engaging and collaborating with higher education. The Global Higher Education Lead will lead Ashoka’s higher education strategy, accelerate and amplify the work Changemaker Campuses, and deepen partnerships between Ashoka U’s higher education network and Ashoka in order to actualize our vision for an Everyone a Changemaker world.

The GHEL should be an adaptive, entrepreneurial leader who is familiar with the higher education sector and can easily navigate between high level strategy and action-oriented impact. The Global Higher Education Lead will be responsible for driving engagement and partnership across three key stakeholder groups:

  • Network Advisory Committee (NAC) – 6-8 elected Change Leaders who represent the interests and needs of the global Changemaker Campus network with Ashoka.
  • Changemaker Campus Network – The broader group of 42 active Changemaker Campus, each of which is uniquely leading and advocating for changemaking education.
  • Ashoka – Including global country offices, specific programs, and leadership, many of which engage Changemaker Campuses and partners and thought leaders in their work.

RESPONSIBILITIES | Network Engagement and Strategy

  • Collaborate closely with the Network Advisory Council (NAC) to set and refine future strategy for the Changemaker Campus network.
  • Drive forward (in partnership with the NAC and Ashoka) a roadmap of future network activities.
  • Serve as a liaison between Ashoka leadership and the NAC, ensuring alignment of Ashoka’s higher education strategy with Changemaker Campus goals.

RESPONSIBILITIES | Strategic Connections and Partnerships                                                                       

  • Ensure Ashoka/Ashoka U brand is visible, recognized, and respected in higher ed and broader social innovation ecosystem.
  • Identify, support, and disseminate thought leadership of Changemaker Campuses and Change Leaders.
  • Oversee tools and processes for communication and community across Changemaker Campuses and with the Ashoka.

RESPONSIBILITIES | Integration of Ashoka programs and Country Offices

  • Understand how Changemaker Campuses and higher education fits into specific Ashoka Country office and program strategy.
  • Share insights, knowledge, and understanding of higher education with Ashoka to ensure continuous refinement and adaptation of higher education strategy/offerings.
  • Identify synergies and collaboration opportunities between Ashoka Country Offices and programs and the Changemaker Campus network.

Who You Are - The Global Higher Education Lead is influential, organizational leader. They are:

  • Entrepreneurial... you’re industrious and can do a lot with a little. You appreciate a big, audacious vision and want to jump in to bring it to life.
  • Relationship focused… you have a high level of emotional intelligence and a keen sense of how to motivate and influence others.
  • Connector… you are adept at making connections across disparate ideas, people, and organizations in service of a big goal.
  • Knowledgeable…you understand higher education. You’ve either worked directly within a college/university or with a parallel organization that served higher education.

Think This is the Right Opportunity for You? If interested, please submit a cover letter (including why you possess the qualifications, experience, passion and drive to become Ashoka’s Global Higher Education Lead) and resume. 

This candidate search is a highly selective process and will include multiple rounds of interviews. Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.