Executive Assistant to the CEO

Executive Office Arlington, Virginia


Position at Ashoka

The Executive Assistant plays an integral role in the organization by supporting and managing the priorities of the CEO. This individual will be able to prioritize competing needs while handling matters efficiently, proactively, and with strong independence. They should also be a forward-looking thinker who will actively seek opportunities and propose solutions. This role is perfect for those who enjoy complex puzzles and plenty of moving pieces. 

The Executive Assistant also serves as a key liaison for the CEO, interacting with Ashoka leadership and other teams on behalf of the CEO, and serving as a channel of communication between the CEO and staff. 

This position offers strong leadership experience with ample opportunity for growth and unique mentorship. The Executive Assistant, along with the Director of the Executive Office and Senior Executive Assistant, will help lead the Executive Office team plus a rotating group of volunteers and interns, manage a large team budget and work directly with all executive level staff in the organization. 

Organizing Strategic Meetings 

  • Comprehensively manage the CEO’s calendar and current task list to ensure appropriate prioritization and follow-up; 

  • Support Senior Executive Assistant and CEO in the annual planning process; monitor timelines and ensure deadlines and time-sensitive follow-ups are met; 

  • Support and facilitate CEO’s external and media relations, including finalizing research briefs, scheduling and follow-up in coordination with the other EO team members; 

  • Process speaking requests from various constituents, evaluate their feasibility, and present them to the CEO in coordination with the Senior EA, EO team members, and other teams.  

  • Develop and cultivate working relationships with key individuals from various high-level organizations;  

  • Respond with a high-level of emotional intelligence and strategic thoughtfulness; 

Critical Analysis and Quality Control 

  • Ensure excellence in all communication from the CEO email and personal mailings; 

  • Manage all incoming calls, mail and emails for the CEO and ensure appropriate responses and follow-up tasks; respond on the CEO’s behalf when possible, to eliminate unnecessary workload in his evening package of materials; 

  • Facilitate, monitor and prioritize the CEO’s nightly to-do packet; 

  • Review and proof emails, memos, documents, and materials ensuring accuracy and compliance with CEO’s request; 

Managing Special Projects 

  • Arrange the bi-annual Board of Directors meeting and manage the preparation of board documents  

  • Organize and manage executive dinners for Bill Drayton, including guest information, scheduling, planning and expenses;  

  • Prepare and maintain a variety of records, including confidential information; 

  • Arrange domestic and international travel and make advance arrangements for the CEO and other senior management and board members; 

  • Support endowment management including communication with financial institutions and maintaining proper documentation; 

  • Work closely with the Senior EA and Director of the Executive Office on strategic planning/objective for the team; 

  • Ensure that the CEO is meeting with key partnership teams regularly to maximize Ashoka’s top giving relationships. 

Interdepartmental Relations 

  • Serve as a liaison for scheduling with the CEO and one of the primary contact persons between the CEO and the public or other members of Ashoka; 

  • Develop and cultivate working relationships with all staff; 

  • Help mitigate emotional upsets in a smooth manner between the CEO and Staff; 

  • Liaise with Ashoka senior management to arrange for the CEO’s attention to interdepartmental needs and requests for meetings, documents, and resources; 

  • Recruit, train and supervise Executive Office interns and work-study students year-round; 

  • Process the CEO’s expenses; 

  • Coordinate with the Correspondence Team to ensure they are aware of priorities, Bill’s travel schedule, and additional needs; 

  • Coordinate Bill’s personal recruiting to Ashoka in coordination with other departments; 

  • Seek to decrease EO expenses by asking for travel reimbursement, coordinating trips in conjunction with paid conference trips, negotiating honorariums, and searching for additional sources of pro-bono support or revenue. 

More about the position: 

The position begins as a training position with the current Executive Assistant for 2-3 months. 

  • Executive Office staff are expected to be available during peak periods, including (1) Winter season (November - January), (2) Ashoka board meetings (February and July); and (3) end of the fiscal year (August 31).  

  • Team member will be working onsite at Ashoka’s Global office located directly above the Rosslyn Metro station in Arlington, Virginia. 

  • Hours: 40+ per week  

  • Start date: As soon as possible 

  • Compensation: Yes