Ashoka - Vice President, Leadership Group Member, Latin America and Caribbean

Latin America Sao Paulo, Brazil


Position at Ashoka

Help the World Play the New Game: join forces with today's brightest entrepreneurs for creating a world in which everyone is a changemaker

Thirty-five years ago, Ashoka changed the framework of the social sector, by introducing the idea that there is nothing more powerful than a bold, new idea in the hands of an exceptional entrepreneur. We have built a fellowship of leading social entrepreneurs– people who catalyze an irreversible social change through an innovative idea and encourage others to do the same. Our network of Fellows is now over 3000 innovators strong and spans 85 countries. In addition, the field and profession of Social Entrepreneurship has grown into a global force.

We’re setting out to change the frame again: a world in which everyone can be a changemaker. For generations, society has followed a siloed, hierarchical approach to solving challenges and has been defined by repetitive efficiency (think assembly line). But this approach is falling short when it comes to the number and complexity of the shared problems we now face. So a new game is taking shape – one where change is the norm, and where the most open, fluid systems and teams thrive. In this game the rules are different (in fact they are still being created) but one is paramount: everyone can and must be able to play, and to drive positive change. This is the ‘Everyone A Changemaker’ vision that Ashoka is working toward and it is our best hope for building a world where problems no longer outrun solutions.

If you are an entrepreneur who has built or grown an organisation from early stages to large size, has built teams, believes in the power of networks, and has a desire to be a part of this historic movement, we want you to join our team.

Role Description

• Lead the Latin America team of senior leaders and provide visionary leadership in order to advance the “Everyone a Changemaker” vision in Latin America

• In collaboration with the Latin America senior leaders, build an integrated, fluid “team of teams” in Latin America by weaving together Ashoka Fellows, business entrepreneurs, media parters, thought leaders, and other partners

• Represent Ashoka on a regional level and as a speaker in events and the media

• Mobilize networks and regional and global strategic partners, raise resources, and pioneer new revenue models, in order to cultivate the Ashoka Fellow network in Latin America, drive forward new societal paradigms, and enable the “Everyone a Changemaker” vision in Latin America

• Collaborate with the Ashoka’s President, CEO, and regional leaders on co-creating new strategies for Ashoka’s growth globally


What we are looking for?

We are looking for innovative, collegial, and highly effective leaders.

To determine if you are fit, please see if you can answer the following questions:

• Do you have a track record of creating new ideas that have resulted in systemic change?

• Have you led through influence and ideas rather than just hierarchical power?

• Do you have strong career experience in significantly scaling the social impact of organizations?

• Have you successfully mobilized financial and other resources?

• Do you consistently demonstrate strong social/emotional intelligence and have the ability to lead, inspire, and integrate very entrepreneurial teams across many geographic regions with respect and collegiality?

• Have you demonstrated agility with managing large client/partner relationships?

• Do you have a track record in providing thought leadership on identifying, articulating, and driving major innovations and opportunities in various fields?

If these questions resonate with your experience – or know of someone who be a fit - we would be interested in starting a conversation with you about this position.

This role is based in Sao Paolo, Brazil and reports to the CEO & President of Ashoka. Fluency in both Spanish and English required. Please submit your resume in English. Thank you.