Framework Change and Communications Coordinator FY23 - Ashoka Brazil

Framework Change Sao Paulo, Brazil


Position at Ashoka

Responsibilities include

  • Strengthening strategic partnerships with national and local media, general and specialist publishers, and opinion leaders in Brazil.
  • Working hand in hand with the Latin America Framework Change Leader to engage the most influential 1-2% of changemakers to drive the ‘Everyone a changemaker’ movement.
  • Positioning Ashoka as a key source and helping Ashoka's partners and movement co-leaders get the ‘Everyone a Changemaker’ message out.
  • Track and analyze Ashoka’s impact in framework change to inform Brazil's and Latam's strategies.


Key Achievements Include


Framework Change Partnerships: Nurture, and guide media/publishers' partnerships aligned with Ashoka’s EACH vision. Engage influential content creators, media, and publishers. Activity: Empathy Learning Circle event in November 2022.


Comprehensive Storytelling: Expand the EACH storytelling framework that (1) helps distil an increasingly coherent picture of the new inequality, (2) encourages the sharing of stories demonstrating the shift towards youth and citizen agency, and (3) illustrates framework change approaches.


Metro Areas/Hotspots Movement Marketing: Co-lead Ashoka’s efforts to build cohesive and leveraged approaches with movement partners and Next Generation Leaders to advance framework change initiatives..



Qualifications and Qualities

The candidate must demonstrate related experience in and abilities to:

- Creating and implementing successful community engagement strategies with collaborative outcomes;

- Building and nurturing digital content creators, media and publishers partnerships;

- Researching and co-creating compelling stories that tie to institutional vision and objectives;

- Providing media briefings to institutional spokespeople or partners, and prepare them for persuasive storytelling;

- Monitoring and evaluating impact of call to action;

- Communicating effectively with a wide array of partners across all sectors;

- Cross-cultural communications, including English proficiency to work in a global environment;

- Working in teams-of-teams culture;

- Creating and maintaining strong relationships around the world, and balance the needs of multiple stakeholders;

- Working together for outcomes, and being opened to change course;

- Sharing a culture of constructive criticism and respect;

- Internal motivation and high ethical standards.