Senior Software Development Engineer (EDA)

Engineering Campbell, California


Do you want to contribute to the backbone of some of the world’s most popular SoCs?

As a Senior Software Development Engineer at Arteris, you will be exercising your skills for the creation of a modular plug-in based client-server application that will power the creation of some of the most complex SoCs in the world.

Our current product is powering the creation of the most advanced artificial intelligence, mobile phone, and self-driving car SoCs.

Experience Requirements / Qualifications:


  • Proven experience in the design and build of software frameworks 
  • Solid software knowledge base:
    • Data structure and Algorithms
    • Understanding of SW system design
    • Extensive Object-Oriented design experience
    • Expert knowledge of one of the OO programming languages (C++, Java...)
    • Working experience with at least one scripting language
  • EDA background, ability to understand the basic paradigms of the hardware design process.
  • 8+ years of relevant experience


  • Client-server software implementation experience
  • JavaScript and NodeJS experience