Job Description

Customer Service Officer - Woodville

Retail Excellence Woodville, SA


CLINIC BRIEF FOR RECRUITMENT SA floater based at Woodville

About the Clinic
Available at all clinics

Clinic location (shopping centre, strip of shops etc)?
Multi site around SA, based at Woodville

About the Audiologists
How many Auds are in the clinic?

Are they new or experienced?  Are they from overseas?
Woodville has experienced audiologist however from time to time will take on a new graduate fresh out of university.

Do they have a particular work style or what is their personality like? (i.e outgoing or not introverted?)
All auds are friendly and happy to assist both clients and other staff members.

Have there ever been any issues between Auds and CSOs? (i.e personality or culture clashes?)

Any additional information we should know?

About the existing CSOs
How many other CSOs work in the clinic and at what FTE?

This position will be working with a multitude of different auds and CSO’s.  Woodville is a 3 Aud, 3 CSO clinic.

What work style do they have (i.e. are they a driver in the clinic or more admin savvy, do they enjoy LAM more than others? etc.)

The other CSO’s have been with NHC for a long time and had set up a great foundation with their clientsThe New starter will be need to client driven. They will need to be extremely driven and self-motivated as they will be in clinic by themselves sometimes as they will be floating away from their base clinic regularly. They must have a strong understanding of stats and be determined to meet targets. Successful applicant should be good at reporting back to management. 

How would you describe the personalities of the CSOs in the clinic?
The other CSO’s are very motivated, client driven and determined to achieve.  They are outgoing and friendly and enjoy a laugh but work very hard at the same time.

Sourcing the ideal candidate
Have there been any issues in the past with any existing staff members, for example personality clashes, culture clashes?



Will they be working on their own in the clinic Yes.  At times there will also be no aud or CSO in clinic.

List the permanent clinics they will be required to travel or provide assistance to (if any)?
Woodville, Glenelg, Hyde Park, Noarlunga, Aberfoyle,  and possibly Marden

Will they visit any SIS clinicsIf yes, how often and how far are they?
Possibly, we often get floaters to assist at Angle Park and Plympton Park SIS

Will they need their own vehicle?

We know all CSOs are involved in LAM, however to what extent would you like the new CSO to explore LAM opportunities? (if they are a Floater please confirm this is not a part of their role?)

We like all CSO to be comfortable with local area marketing. Going forward we will be placing a large emphasis on LAM.  All CSO will be required to approach, sign up and test in pharmacies, GP offices and nursing homes.  We need Mt Barker to set up a LAM location before the end of the year.

What sort of personality/traits do you think will be best suited to this clinic?
Strong and confident personality, also highly motivated with willingness to learn and achieve.

Other Comments that may be useful for recruitment purposes: