Associate Scientist, in vivo discovery

Pre-Clinical Research


We are seeking a highly motivated and driven associate scientist who will be a key member in advancing our preclinical scientific activities with a therapeutic focus. Various organs and systems impacted by aging, targeting both CNS and peripheral indications will be investigated. The role will use in vivo  studies to assess pain and aging mechanisms through rodent surgical, behavioral, and molecular biology techniques. The role is critical in advancing our therapeutic understandings and multiple programs and is thus pivotal to the company’s mission. Studies performed will involve cutting edge science and require innovative concepts and strategies. Depending on the level of experience, the candidate would be encouraged to lead their projects by designing, executing, analyzing, and presenting data both internally and at conferences.

Responsibilities (include but not limited to):

  • Designing, planning, performing, and analyzing rodent in vivo experiments 
  • Administering test agents to mice via multiple routes (IV, PO, IP, SC)
  • Rodent blood collections, surgeries, and necropsies 
  • Histochemical processing and staining of a variety of tissue samples (IF, IHC, special stains) 
  • Microscopy and image analysis (slide scanners, Confocal, ImagePro)
  • Biochemical/Molecular analysis of tissues and plasma (i.e. qPCR, ELISA, Western blot) 
  • Maintaining familiarity with current scientific literature 
  • Contributing to writing scientific reports and presenting in conferences 
  • Interfacing on a regular basis with lead scientific staff to present, organize, coordinate, and execute experimental work 
  • Other responsibilities as assigned 


  • PhD in molecular biology, cell biology or a related discipline or BS or advanced degree with at least 8+ years of relevant experience
  • Experience in rodent handling and dosing is required 
  • Experience in rodent surgeries and tissue collection is required
  • Experience with immunohistochemistry and microscopy is required
  • Experience with mouse model of peripheral neuropathies or liver diseases is preferred 
  • Experience in performing behavioral tests is an advantage
  • Experience with other biochemical and/or molecular techniques is an advantage
  • Experience in flow cytometry and associated analytics is an advantage  
  • Strong communication skills that enable the individual to interact with all levels of management, technical and scientific personnel 
  • Strong sense of scientific rigor, integrity, and curiosity
  • Ability to multitask and work in a fast-paced environment
  • Attention to details and strong organizational skills  

Applicants and new hires are subject to the Company’s Mandatory Vaccination Policy.