Scientist Next-Gen-Sequencing Technologies

Pre-Clinical Research


We are seeking a highly motivated single cell biologist to lead, advise and assist in our omics unit with lab experiments and data analysis of large-scale single cell omics. These studies will involve cutting edge science and the efforts of this role will be pivotal in advancing our therapeutic capabilities. The role requires dedication, flexibility, excellent communication and organization to successfully drive the science and achieve Alkahest’s corporate mission. This position reports to the Associate Director of Transcriptomics.


  • Lead single cell and bulk transcriptomics efforts using multiple technologies
  • Support isolation of cells for omics analyses from both in vivo and in vitro models
  • Develop and optimize cell enrichment protocols
  • Support implementation of cutting edge epigenetics and other omics technologies
  • Lead cell isolations and collections using flow cytometry
  • Support analysis of omics data sets
  • Identify and support integration of relevant external datasets to supplement internal datasets
  • Provide support within Alkahest in use and application of NGS technologies
  • Ensure quality control and highest standards for laboratory protocols and data analyses
  • Interact and collaborate with scientists and team members on a daily basis
  • Engage external resources to apply cutting edge methods
  • Serve as NGS specialist to support research and development pushing Alkahest's NGS efforts and scientific recognition in the field
  • Other responsibilities as assigned


Minimum requirements

  • PhD in biology
  • Significant experience (4+ years) in molecular biology and NGS technologies.
  • Willing to take on exploratory novel methods. Creative problem solving with the ability to think outside-of-the-box.
  • Solid experience working with flow cytometry
  • Demonstrated hands-on knowledge of cutting edge tools and technologies
  • Strong experience in single cell RNAseq and or similar omics data analysis tools and analyses
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
  • Comfortable working in a multi-tasked, fast-paced startup environment
  • Demonstrated deep knowledge of system biology principles
  • Strong attention to detail, following best practices, in particular documentation

Preferred Experience

  • Research experience in aging and immunology is a plus
  • Experience with lab automation is a plus
  • Experience with biochemistry assays such as ELISAs and Western blots preferred