Senior ENG Cameraperson

Technology & Network Operations London, United Kingdom


Position at Al Jazeera Media Network


Senior ENG Cameraperson is responsible for operating cameras and lighting equipment in the studio and or location at a very experienced level, ensuring that lighting and camera settings comply with Al Jazeera Media Network pre‐set guidelines, to ensure quality of the final output, through camera shot composition, framing and lighting for live, location and pre‐recorded programmes as directed.

Candidates must be eligible to work in United Kingdom.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Plan and develop the visual presentation of the story with the reporter assigned to the news story.
  • Apply the principles of visual story telling through aesthetically pleasing and technically correct compositions, angles and camera movements and delivering images with correct exposure and colour saturation.
  • Comply with and cover live/pre‐recorded news or programmess by filming sequences in continuity for editing purposes and as directed capturing correctly framed compositions and following instructions as per news or programme requirements.
  • Perform camera line‐ups‐matching camera parameters for colour, and exposure.
  • Test the functionality of all necessary equipment before shooting live studio, location and pre‐recorded news or programs.
  • Monitor cameras video level via a waveform monitor for quality control in terms of luminance and chrominance levels ‐maintaining output to industry set standards and settings.
  • Control and balance lighting levels via lighting desk or lighting control units
  • Arrange and set lighting for live/pre‐recorded news, weather or programmes to ensure all parameters conform to Al‐Jazeera Media Networks broadcasting standards
  • Perform routine maintenance for all cameras and lighting equipment

Key Requirements:

  • Minimum Bachelor degree in Media and Journalism, Communications, Broadcast Operations, or related field.
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience of ENG camera work in television environment and a minimum 3 years’ experience in a television news environment; previous experience working in Hostile environments is preferable.
  • Knowledge on broadcast standards including HD 1080i, SDI, AES/EBU, MPEG, PAL 625, NTSC