Security Officer I

Security/Surveillance St. Joseph, Missouri


Position at St. Jo Frontier


Protects company assets and provide a safe environment for employees and guests.





  1. Safeguard assets of the company
  2. Enforce company security regulations and security department policies and procedures as directed by the Safety and Security Manager, Shift Supervisor or Lead Officer.
  3. Perform all security related duties for the casino
  4. Escort all transfers of money and/or chips
  5. Patrols all sections of the casino to identify safety hazards and breaks in security.
  6. Conduct investigations on reported incidents as directed
  7. Investigate employee fraud against the company and customers as directed
  8. Investigate accidents reports as directed
  9. Any reasonable request made my Management
  10. Meet attendance guidelines of the job and adhere to regulatory, department and company policies.
  11. Keep work areas clean and free of safety hazards, debris and litter
  12. Perform all job functions in a safe and responsible manner.
  13. Maintain proper department uniform, appearance and grooming stands.