Other St. Joseph, Missouri


Position at St. Jo Frontier



Maintain cleanliness of the facility.  Specific duties include cleaning of all areas of the property, proper use of chemicals and equipment, and maintain a clean safe environment for guests and employees.





  1. Provide proactive customer service to casino and office guests.
  2. Maintain the safety of customers and guests.
  3. Make sure all public areas are vacuumed, dusted, wiped clean, and mopped where needed.
  4. Pick up paper, trash, litter, debris, and clean ashtrays around all gaming areas arid machines.
  5. Maintain clean and sanitary restrooms.
  6. Clean windows, blinds, gaming machines, light fixtures, and pit areas.
  7. Clean and maintain employee break rooms.
  8. Report to supervisor all unsafe and hazardous conditions.
  9. Vacuum, dust, clean, and empty trash of all offices, break rooms, and training rooms.
  10. Clean all elevators, stairways, and foyers.
  11. Maintain proper department uniform, appearance, and grooming standards.
  12. Meet attendance guidelines of the job and adhere to regulatory, department and company policies.
  13. Perform all job functions in a safe and responsible manner.
  14. Perform any reasonable request made by your immediate supervisor or any Manager.